Welcome to Kyoyo International

Course Outline

The purpose of this class is to use the medium of English to help students become better-informed citizens of the world. To accomplish this, we will examine internationally important current events and emerging trends through the use of English texts and videos adapted for language learners. Topics will be drawn from daily news and will likely include cultural, economic, political, and technological events. Students will gain practice in writing well-structured summaries and paragraph-length reflections on those texts and videos. 


There will be approximately four units over the semester (depending on current events). Each unit will cover a different global current even. At the end of each class, you will be given a chance to reflect, in writing, about what we have discussed in class. These writings will not only help you to understand the content of the unit, but also help to clarify your own opinion about these events.

  • Quizzes: 4 x 20 points
  • Final Presentation: 20 points
  • Attendance and participation is important. More than 5 unexcused absences will result in a failing grade.
  • >60%: Fail;
  • 60~69%: Acceptable;
  • 70~79%: Average;
  • 80~89%: Above Average;
  • <89%: Outstanding 

One thought on “Welcome to Kyoyo International

  1. I read level4.
    It’s Britain votes for independence from European Union.
    The article say each country vote with each opinion, so this subject is complicated. The supporting details are the outcome of the vote in Britain is separated and Scotland may vote on independence.
    The final idea in the article is that Britain and the EU also will have to search for away to separate.
    I think this topic isn’t important only to Europe and the UK. Because the countries of the EU share some laws and money. If Britain exists the EU, they have to come up with new agreements on things like trade and safety.
    I think that why Britain wants to exit the EU going so far as to have a lot of difficult problems.


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