Grading Policy

It’s fairly easy to pass my class and get a unit: show up and do the work. However, it’s very difficult to get a high score.

  • 60~69 Below Average. You haven’t done good work, but you came to all the classes, handed in all the assignment. You’ve done the minimum to pass.
  •  70~79 Average. You’ve come to all the classes and handed in all the work, but you have also participated sincerely and understood the main points of the class. Your work is good enough. Most students will receive a score in this range. [Note: This is the highest score students in the lower-level Oral Communication classes can receive.]
  • 80~89 Above Average. It’s clear you’ve done better than most students in my class. Your English is quite good for this university. [e.g. CEFR-J B1.1 or better.]
  • 90~ Outstanding. Your work is exceptionally original and thoughtful and your English is of a very high level. [e.g. CEFR-J B2.1 or better.]