The Rohingya Refugees

Our ancestors started walking out of East Africa some 50,000 years ago (most likely due to changing climate and a rising population). By about 15,000 years ago, homo sapiens, (people like us), had spread all over the planet all the way down to the tip of what is now South America. Except for Antarctica, human groups have established traditional homelands everywhere.

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Sunlight-Powered Spacecraft Set to Launch Aboard SpaceX Rocket

I have always been fascinated by space exploration and travel. When I was young, my father worked for a part of NASA. This was during the Apollo Mission. My whole family was excited by the landing on the moon. But now we have private organizations starting to do space exploration. It’s a very exciting time to be alive. If I were a young college student now, I would be looking forward to maybe living on Mars in the future.

Here is an article I selected based on my deep interests. Please read it, and watch the videos. Then, take a few minutes and write about this article. What do you think about what you read? Would you like to go to space? Are you adventurous or not?

Sunlight-Powered Spacecraft