Welcome to English for Chemistry and Biotechnology

This is a four-skills course designed to help you organize and express complex scientific and technical information in clear and simple English.

One of the most useful tools for communicating technical and scientific information in English is “information mapping.” We will be using information mapping techniques developed by Professor Lawrence Hunter.

The information structures that Hunter identified cover more than 90% of the content of research papers and presentations. The structures are as follows:

  • Description,
  • Comparison,
  • Sequence,
  • Inference,
  • and Cause and Effect.


  1. Course Introduction / Student & Teacher Introductions
  2. Information Structure: Description (& Comparison)
  3. Information Structure: Sequence / Presentation 1 Assignment
  4. Presentation 1 Workshop and Rehearsals
  5. Graded Presentation 1 (pairs) 25pts
  6. Information Structure: Cause & Effect
  7. Information Structure: Inference / Presentation 2 Assignment
  8. Presentation 2 Workshop and Rehearsals
  9. Graded Presentation 2 (pairs) 25pts
  10. Graphs and Data Essentials / Presentation 3 Assignment
  11. Classroom Survey & Data Analysis / Presentation 3 Workshop
  12. Graded Presentation 3 (group) 10pts
  13. Information Structure: Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation / Presentation 4 Assignment
  14. Presentation 4 Workshop
  15. Graded Presentation 4 (individual) 40pts
  16. Make-ups and Reflection


  • Week 5: Sequence Presentation (pairs) 25pts 
  • Week 9: Inference Presentation (pairs) 25pts
  • Week 12: Graphs and Data Presentation (groups) 10pts
  • Week 15: SPSE Final Presentation (individual) 40pts

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