Welcome to Kyoyo Eikaiwa

A student-centered, practical experience course for students to engage in the meaningful, personal, and creative use of English.


  1. Introductions; Conversation Mechanics
  2. Conversation Theme: Identity
  3. Conversation Theme: Student Life
  4. Conversation Theme: Literature & Film
  5. Conversation Theme: Hopes & Fears
  6. Conversation Theme: Future
  7. Conversation Theme: Opinions
  8. Conversation Theme: Beliefs
  9. Mid-Term Conversation Test
  10. Hometown Presentation Assignment
  11. Hometown Presentation Workshops
  12. Hometown Wonder Presentations & Reflections
  13. Movie Assignment & Film literacy
  14. Script Conferences & Rehearsals
  15. Movie Workshop
  16. Student Movie Presentations


  • Conversation Mid-Term: 50%
  • Hometown Presentation: 25%
  • Commercial (Movie) 25%

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