Takyu Eikaiwa

Change your mindset

This is a game that you can play to increase your fluency in speaking conversationally. It works in any language, by the way.

Here’s how to play:

You need at least one partner. Sit facing each other, close enough that you could reach out and shake hands.

One person begins by asking a very simple question, such as, “What did you have for lunch today?”

The other person gives a simple answer, such as, “Curry Rice.” Then adds a few brief and simple comments: “It was delicious. I made it myself.”

The turn is finished after asking a related, but slightly different question, such as, “Can you make curry?”

And then the cycle repeats.

Keep it simple.  Keep it going.


  • No Japanese or you’re out.
  • No dictionaries.
  • Any English is okay. (Gestures also okay.)
  • You must make your partner understand you.
  • Keep going until your coach says, “Stop!”