Comparison Paragraphs

Take your comparison maps and write one good comparison paragraph for each map. Post your answers below. 

Remember, a well-written paragraph has three important parts:

  • A topic sentence,
  • a few supporting sentences,
  • and a concluding sentence.

A modern Western plane and a traditional Japanese kan’na are both  used to shape and smooth wood, but have several important differences between them. First, their appearance is very different. A traditional Japanese kan’na has a wooden body with a blade that is held with a simple metal wedge. In contrast, a modern Western plane has a metal body and a complex blade-hold mechanism called a “frog.” Next, the way they are used is very different as well. A traditional Japanese kan’na cuts on a pull stroke whereas a modern Western plane cuts on a push stroke. There are historical reasons for this, but basically, a kan’na is made to be used sitting down while a Western plane must be used standing up. Finally, here in Kochi it is impossible to get a modern Western plane except through an online order, whereas any home center is likely to carry several different traditional Japanese kan’na. Overall, it is clear that each tool does a similar job, but the skills needed to use them are very different.

The topic sentence of a comparison paragraph is easy to write. Write a topic sentence that shows you will compare two things:

[A] and [B] are types of / examples of / common models of [category], that have several important differences between them.

Then, describe those differences in the supporting sentences. Remember to combine sentences when you can. Use comparison signals such as, whereas, but , in contrast, etc.

[A] are big and green, whereas [B] are little and red. While [A] are used in the production of ice cream, [B] are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies to stabilize medicines.

Finally, in your concluding sentence, give an overall opinion, suggestion, or prediction.

Overall, it is clear that [opinion about A and B…]

Given these differences, it would be better if [suggestion about A and B…]

Despite the current situation, it is likely that [prediction about A and B…]

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