Problem, Solution, & How To-Presentation

Almost every thing that humans “know how to do” involves solving a  certain problem(s). For example, tying your shoes solves the problem of keeping your shoes on your feet when you walk or run. It’s a simple and beautiful solution to common (and important!) problem. Somebody clever had to figure it out first.


Paragraph Clinic

Vergilius Augusteus, Georgica 141

This paragraph has so many problems! Can you help it?

Because it has special products from Kochi that make great souvenirs. You can hear "Tosa-ben" spoken by the older shopkeepers. Every tourist to Kochi City should be sure to visit Sunday Market. Sakamoto Ryoma was from Kochi.
It's always lively, and right next to Hirome-ichiba and Kochi castle. You can get a real feel of Kochi there.