Nuclear Energy, Part 2

Q: Why would we even think about using nuclear energy after the disaster at Fukushima (and all the other accidents)?

A: Climate change is accelerating.

Intro article: Flooded Trains Show Disaster Risks in Japan

16-year-old Swedish Climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit at U.N. headquarters in New York City, New York, U.S., September 23, 2019. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri – HP1EF9N1AIFX9

“How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood,” she told world leaders at the United Nations. She has also said that money and eternal economic growth are “fairy tales.”

The Rise in Temperature Anomalies

Blue circles show temperatures below normal and red ones show above normal. Created by Antti Lipponen, a research scientist from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The data used was from the NASA GISS, Land Ocean Temperature Index

Please watch this video with the subtitles that are best for you; Time-lapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss

Then, read the following article, New report warns against climate change’s effect on oceans at the level that suits you best:

Finally, write a two-paragraph response and post it in the reply below. The first paragraph should be a summary (what were the main points, details, and conclusion of the article). The second paragraph should be your response (what you thought about the article and why.)

[What’s a paragraph??]

[A paragraph is a group of sentences with no line breaks between them. They indicate a single thought. The first sentence should give the main idea. The next couple of sentences should support or give details about the main idea. The final sentence should re-state–different words–the first sentence, or give you final thoughts.]

15 thoughts on “Nuclear Energy, Part 2

  1. An article of my choice: level 3

    The main content of the article is the serious environmental problem that global warming is causing ice on the ocean and polar ice to melt, raising sea levels, and causing sea animals to lose ground in their lives. In response, climatologist Michael Oppenheimer said carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions should be reduced, and the UN also announced that it would try to minimize carbon pollution through the Climate Change Summit, but it did not improve. According to a study by climatologist Barrett, sea levels are now rising faster than ever due to the melting of large ice sheets such as Greenland and Antarctica. In response, the authors of the U.N. study estimated that reducing greenhouse gas emissions would raise sea levels by 3 feet by 2300 and predicted that failure to reduce greenhouse gases would result in a 3 feet rise by 2100, and then a much faster rise. In conclusion, control of emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon) holds the key to solving the problem of rising sea levels due to climate change.

    Actually, I also think that reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, as climatologists say in the article, is the key to tackling climate change. Because the main reason for global warming is that carbon emissions from factories and other places cause the greenhouse gas to become thick and the solar radiation does not release properly.
    While ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions include saving fossil energy (e.g. carbon emissions), recycling of waste, using environmentally friendly goods and developing new energy sources to replace fossil energy, countries feel sorry that these solutions have yet to be implemented significantly and that no perfect scientific consensus exists on the solution to global warming. However, we need to recognize that climate change is already causing a lot of damage and a small practice should be done for the environment in our lives. The little thing we have to do for the environment is enough next. 1. Unplugging unused electricity. 2. Turn off unused electricity. 3. Reduce the use of disposable products. 4. Use stairs in buildings. 5. Recycling industrial waste. In summing up the ideals, the most important keyword to prevent climate change is to curb carbon emissions, so rational research should be continued, such as developing new energy sources to replace fossil energy, but it is also very important for ordinary people to constantly find and practice what they can do in life to reduce carbon emissions.


  2. I read level 3.

    ・summary (what were the main points, details, and conclusion of the article).

    We are in troubles. Various problems are occurring by global warming and climate change. Everyday life may be promoting global warming.
    Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It is created by burning fossil fuels.They are burned to create power. There is too much carbon in the air now. It traps more and more heat in the earth’s atmosphere.
    In Climate Action Summit, scholar said that oceans have soaked up some of the carbon dioxide humans have caused. Much has been caused by factories in the last few 200 years. The oceans have also soaked up most of the resulting heat.
    The U.N. study’s authors made two estimates. One estimate showed what happens if countries lower greenhouse gases quickly. The second estimate showed a bigger problem. The authors estimated what happens if countries fail to cut greenhouse gases soon. The sea would rise about 3 feet by 2100. It would rise far more after that.Barrett said what countries decide will greatly affect the health of sea life.

    ・response (what you thought about the article and why.

    I think we have to think more seriously about global warming. We will tend to think dissociate global warming from nuclear power.
    Actually, We Japanese experienced from Fukushima Nuclear Plant.This is like a weapon. You can see it right away. Many people were evacuees from areas around the Fukushima nuclear plant.So, It’s impossible to dissociate natural disaster from nuclear power.


  3. This article is about ocean becoming warmer and warmer.And it will bring big trouble in next 100 years.It could be 15% animal of ocean will disappear.Than people who live next beach would have flooding once every 100 years.Not just these , ocean warming will let fish populations get less and less. It’s a warn from nature to tell the people do not to destroy the world. Also the most of the climate scientists said we need to change and give our children a great world.
    We always say protect the earth , leave our kids a beautiful earth . But who really to do this? I think when the doomsday comes and people just reflect what they do. Even if one thing what did great for our home from this planet ,everyone does at least once it will become a huge support to save the earth.Than the world will get better and better.


  4. The article is talking about the problems caused by climate change. Due to global warming, the Earth’s temperature is getting hotter, melting glaciers, raising sea levels, and warming sea temperatures. As the temperature of the ocean warms, there will be fewer and fewer life forms in the ocean, and studies show that about 15 percent of marine life will disappear. Another problem is that carbon dioxide from burning coal and oil increases. Some of these have been solved by the ocean, but now beyond that level, they have changed the chemistry and circulation of the ocean.To reduce this problem, we need to reduce carbon dioxide. Then, the changes of the earth can take place slowly so that we can prepare for problems. Because changes that occur when the ice melts will result in very serious levels such as storms and floods, attention and prevention are important.
    I am interested in environmental issues even before I read the article, so I am trying to put into practice what I can. In fact, it is illegal to use plastic cups in cafes in Korea. So plastic use has dropped noticeably and Koreans think this is a really good policy. More and more people use tumblers when drinking coffee with takeout. Although I do not directly help prevent sea level rise, I can slow down global change as mentioned in the above article if I implement a system to reduce plastic like Korea or to protect the environment.


  5. Ocean temperatura is raising for 10 years. ocean heating depends global warming.ocean temperatura raising last 200 years. and sea levels raising 0.14 inchis one year. so ocean resorce represented by fish or ocean animal take a big damage. it depends from burning fossil fuel. for stops grobal warming we dont have to burn fossil fuel. but it is not realistically plan. houever we can reduce carbon deoxied depend on our movement. for example using public transport or eco bag. it is very minute motion. but if many people do it. so grobal warming and ocean raising speed will be reduce.


    1. I read level 3.
      The main point is the sea level rise could mean big trouble.Oceans are heating up.The cause of that is carbon dioxide that is Greenhouse gas.It is created by burning fossil fuels. But, the oceans have soaked up some of the carbon dioxide. These days,the factories have used much fossil fuels. The oceans also have soaked up the carbon dioxide. However, they it can’t keep up. We must reduce the gas.Otherwise,to animals,people,the earth, rising the sea level will cause big problems.
      I am worried that we can reduce it now.How much carbon do we need to reduce? Now,we depend on fossil fuels.For example, gasoline,light oil and plastic raw material. Without those,we are not able to live. So, we must consider altermatives to fossil fuels.


  6. I chose level 3.
    The article deals with the seriousness of global warming and two scenarios presented by Michael Oppenheimer. The carbon that people produce makes global warming, and disaster returns to us. Global warming heats the oceans, and heat melts glaciers. Melting glaciers turn into water and raise sea levels. This makes us face many problems. A climatologist named Oppenheimer started the study through the United Nations, but predicted that the number of animals would decrease, although the study could be a way to reduce many problems. The Earth’s atmosphere we now live in is too carbon-rich and this situation causes a lot of heat to be trapped on Earth. Once this carbon problem is resolved, we will be able to pass on a good Earth to future generations. But he said if we don’t solve the problem, we will have a hard time finding a solution. He said two scenarios: best-case/warst-case; one is that climate change has already begun to change the oceans, and at this rate it will rise by 11/2 feet in 2100 and about 3 feet in 2300, and the second is that if countries fail to reduce greenhouse gases, it will rise by more than 3 feet in 2100. Therefore, depending on which country makes the decision, it will have a huge impact on the Earth, which will be left to life and future safety.

    I would like to say that we should turn the electromagnetic waves we are using into an eco-friendly environment for global warming. Continuing pledges are needed, as well as existing organizations. The biggest impact of warming is known to be carbon dioxide emitted when using fossil fuels. Just as people have been making and surviving fossil fuels through Earth’s resources, I think we should now revive the results we’ve created. So I think it is necessary to actively develop new energy sources, such as solar energy, while replacing the use of greenhouse gases and industrial structures with low-carbon emission devices. Through science, for example, we think that we can bring the earth back to life and pass it on to future generations by practicalizing the proper room temperature, LED sensor and automatic air conditioning system.


  7. Icefall is a place where you can see, touch, hear and feel climate change. EIS studies over the years show that 95 percent of the world’s glaciers are now retreating and contracting at the same time. Over the past 100 years, the Earth’s temperature has continued to rise and the rate of temperature rise has also accelerated. This is because humans are constantly pouring fossil fuels into the atmosphere. A look at some of the areas studied by the EIS shows the seriousness of the changes taking place in glaciers. Alaska’s ‘Columbia Glacier,’ Iceland’s ‘Solumajokull’ and Greenland’s ‘Ilussat Glacier’ are 32 stories tall, larger than the Eiffel Tower, and are bigger than the Empire State Building, but they collapse horribly. When the ice melts like this, the sea rises rapidly According to the Climate Action Summit, the ocean has so far melted some of the carbon dioxide generated by humans, but the sea can no longer keep up with the speed of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. In response, scientist Michael Oppenheimer says humans still have a chance. The method is to reduce carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, produced by burning fossil fuels. But if we can’t cut back on greenhouse gases, we can’t lower carbon, and then the solution disappears. EIS wants to let the public know what climate change looks like, not to mention studying the remaining opportunities not to miss out.
    Global warming is a problem that schools have encountered through campaigns since they were very young. However, I have never thought deeply about the seriousness of the incident compared to the number of times I have encountered. It seems that he was not aware of the seriousness of it because he could not see it with his own eyes Maybe this is an important time to stop global warming, and I think it’s less important than other problems because it’s invisible. Images taken by EIS in a time-lapse shoot show an unimaginable amount of melting ice. These images should be known through the media so that many people can be more interested. It will also need to be known more about the things that people can participate in to prevent global warming in their daily lives, so that people can participate.


  8. Level3
    Ocean are heating up. Melting ice shees will also cause seas to rise quickly.Over the next 100years, people will face many probrems. The study shaws climate change has already started to change the ocean.Countrys decide will health of sea life.
    Climate change is very familiar plobrem, becouse I feel Change every year. If Climate change continews, we lost food and we can’t live. So it must be thinking about Climate change for all of us.


  9. I think seriously that we should change fossil fuels into renewable energy. The level3 article says we must think about changing the oceans and how we take measures for the big problems. According to Oppenheimer, a climate scientist, the oceans and ice are in trouble. Why? Because greenhouse gases created by burning fossil fuels are increasing in the air now. So, the temperature on the earth has more and more heat recently. The interesting estimates announced by the U.N study’s authors are what happens if countries lower greenhouse gases quickly and what happens if countries fail to cut greenhouse gases soon. Both estimates are very big problems and difficult to think about it.
    I think we must the problem quickly too. But in the future, I think we had better not use fossil fuels on the earth. From the article, you know that the temperature on the earth has been increasing and oceans situations in the future are more changing than now. If it occurred, I think there won’t be places we are living a life and the abnormal weather will lead up to the earth a number of times. Not to be that, renewable energy is good choice and leads to earth-friendly. So I think we should change into fossil fuels into renewable energy.


  10. In September, UN climate action summit was held in New York. The scene of a girl with anger was widely broadcasted on TV. And in the following month, the typhoon horribly hit Japan and over 100 people were killed. Those natural disasters are happening more frequent and intense than before. Many scientists have indicated the significant changes in climate and warned about it for a long time.
    Are people listening those words that may be save our time in future? I guess most of people ignore them and continue to their daily life. I understand why , because I am one of those , even I was shocked by the time laps video of the ice melting to the ocean.But we need to go to school and study as usual, make business or nourish their family. I guess we are too much focusing on what we do now , or maybe it’s too hard to keep normal life for us .But could those be reasons for not considering about our Mother Earth? No,People should pay more attention to what is happening on the earth and find the solution.


  11. Nowadays,sea and ice have a lot of problems.Animals which live there also face the problems.Those problems are made by burning fossil fuels and then release too much carbon in the air.This means the greenhouse gas is made and earth’s atmosphere change more and more heating.So The Climate Action Summit was held at the U.N and discussed this problem. Then Ko Barrett took up a study as topic.This study showed climate change has already started to change the oceans.Because of water coming from mountains and Mountain glaciers have been melting such as Alaska and Andes Mountains and so on. It’s causing sea levels to rise faster than ever.So the question is what happens next.
    From the U.N. study’s authors, if countries lower greenhouse gases quickly sea levels would rise about 1 1/2 feet by 2100.And he also said The sea would rise about 3 feet by 2100 and would rise far more after that.
    From this article I think it’s necessary to come up with specifically and correct solution.This is not only involved the area which face directly now. Recent years the president of USA Donald Trump decided to withdraw from Paris Agreement. This means it’s important to guess this issue entangling politics.


  12. According to Micheal Oppenheimer all the oceans and flowers in melting ice.When it is happening people may have to face many problems if isn’t there water.On the other hand coal and fossil fuels which make air carbon are being used a lot and they make a huge influence to earth’s atmosphere.Oppenheimer says that if carbon yet lowering people might solve the problems but not happened if it doesn’t so.An important meeting was held at the U.N.;named “the climate summit “. Although many had high hopes for the meeting to make promises to change the carbon pollution, it didn’t happen.Oceans have soaked up by human activities ,mostly in the last 200 years.Sea levels have risen due to the climate changes and melting happening in Alaska and Andes mountains in South Africa causes to rise the sea level faster. And the speed of the rising sea level has become twice faster since 2006. And while the world would become to sink after year 2300.
    In my opinion, most of the people around the world think only about themselves;money ,job or their other conveniences. People who think about sea , animals ,all the nature are very few.In the present world we use many things those make carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.According to the two study’s authors’ estimates, the sea level would rise 1 1/2 feet by 2300 and it’s so terrible


  13. I read Level,3

    This globe where we live have been destroyed and not cared so much by us, while the world economy has kept on developing.
    We already face many problems. But it seems that leaders of some countries put own development before the issues yet. It is important to get down to reduce the Greenhouse gases right now by all of us. If it could come true, the future of this globe would be better than Worst-Case Scenarios of this article.

    The developing countries such as U.S, U.K and japan had emitted enormous CO2 during the course of growing. Now we are faced with a problem of global environment. While, the developing countries such as Chine, India and Brazil will need more energy, almost fossil fuels. This is a very worrisome problem. It’s true that they should use the low carbon energy to reduce the greenhouse gases, but it’s not easy and costs a lot of money. Also, the nuclear power which emits more less than fossil fuels has a big risk, like what I studied last class. So
    I think it can’t do without international cooperation to solute this problem.


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