Intermediate Writing Check for Understanding #1

No grade! Just a check for me!

In the reply  below, answer these two questions:

1) Which is the best “Topic Sentence”? Why?

  1. Cats are usually smaller than dogs.
  2. Cats make better pets than dogs.
  3. Cats and dogs are common pets.

2) Write a topic sentence for this paragraph

________________________________. First, a bicycle doesn’t create pollution every time you go somewhere. In contrast, cars create pollution even when idling. Also, riding a bicycle is an easy and fun way to get a bit of exercise, whereas in a car, you’re just sitting there. It’s true that cars are more comfortable in the rain, but usually you can park closer to where you are going if you are riding a bicycle. The real problem with bicycles is all the car drivers who don’t see bicycles. However, if everyone rode a bicycle, then this would not be a problem at all!

Paragraphs #1: Topic Sentences

Summer in Kochi can be both terrible and wonderful. It can feel like Hell to visitors who are not prepared for how hot and humid it can be. But summer is also the season where Kochi is the most beautiful and full of life. If you know how to dress, where to go, and how to keep yourself cool, summer in Kochi can be Paradise.

A paragraph is a collection of sentences that describe, discuss, or explain one central idea. The three main parts of a paragraph are:
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Class Outline

Intermediate Writing ( 英語テクスト構成研究中級)

Students will gain practical experience in and develop skills fundamental to writing in the English academic discourse. The focus of the class will move from sentence, to paragraph, to three common types of academic essay.

  1. Pretest / Screening
  2. The Sentence: common errors; combining sentences
  3. The Paragraph 1: Structure and format
  4. The Paragraph 2, Short Answers: Making and supporting a point
  5. Short Answers Test
  6. The 5-paragraph Essay: Introduction to Academic Writing
  7. Draft 1 Conferences
  8. Draft 1 Conferences 2
  9. Narration and Instruction: Sequence signals in text
  10. The Narrative Essay draft 1
  11. Draft 2 conferences
  12. Argumentation 2: Strong and Weak Arguments
  13. Pro and Con Essay Assignment: Taking a Stand
  14. Pro and Con Essay Workshop
  15. Pro and Con Essay Draft 1 Conferences
  16. Pro and Con Essay Due + Final Reflections



Short Answer Test: 10 pts

Narrative Essay: 20 pts

5-Paragraph Essay: 30 pts

Pro / Con Essay: 40 pts