Paragraphs #1: Topic Sentences

Summer in Kochi can be both terrible and wonderful. It can feel like Hell to visitors who are not prepared for how hot and humid it can be. But summer is also the season where Kochi is the most beautiful and full of life. If you know how to dress, where to go, and how to keep yourself cool, summer in Kochi can be Paradise.

A paragraph is a collection of sentences that describe, discuss, or explain one central idea. The three main parts of a paragraph are:
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CEFR-J Writing B2.1 Goal:

“I can write reasonably coherent essays and reports using a wide range of vocabulary and complex sentence structures, synthesizing information and arguments from a number of sources, provided I know something about the topics.”

What I am looking for is…

  • an interesting local story,
  • told from a thoughtful angle,
  • using good quotes & paraphrasing,
  • and multiple sources of information.