Cause & Effect

A cause and effect essay typically shows either the effect of something (an event, a situation) or explains the cause of something. It explains why and how something happens (the cause) or what the effects of that will be. Your task is explain clearly either the causes or effects of an event, situation, or condition.

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Peer Editing


Having your “peers” read your paper and give you feedback can be very valuable to improving your writing. The problem is that nobody wants to comment on a classmate’s paper. What do you say? How can you give useful feedback. Here’s a method that may help: PQP. Praise. Question. Polish.

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Comparison Essay

“Drawing comparisons” is one of the most common kinds of thinking and writing that you will do in a university. How is A similar to, and different from B? Mastering this kind of writing will not only help you in an English class, but in any humanities class where you have to examine facts, ideas, opinions or predictions.

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Class Outline

Advanced Writing ( 英語テクスト構成研究上級)

Students will gain experience in, and develop necessary skills and strategies for writing in English for academic purposes (EAP). This course will focus on written communication in typical modes of discourse encountered in academic English environments.

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Paragraphs #1: Topic Sentences

Summer in Kochi can be both terrible and wonderful. It can feel like Hell to visitors who are not prepared for how hot and humid it can be. But summer is also the season where Kochi is the most beautiful and full of life. If you know how to dress, where to go, and how to keep yourself cool, summer in Kochi can be Paradise.

A paragraph is a collection of sentences that describe, discuss, or explain one central idea. The three main parts of a paragraph are:
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