Refugees: The Rohingya

We are wandering animals. Our ancestors started walking out of East Africa some 50,000 years ago most likely due to changing climate and a rising population. By about 15,000 years ago, homo sapiens, us, had spread all over the planet all the way down to the tip of what is now South America. Except for Antarctica, human groups have established traditional homelands everywhere.

What happens, however, when large numbers of people are forced from those homelands, for months, years, and even decades? When this happens, we call it a refugee crisis. Right now around the world, there are several major refugee crises. Today we’ll look at one in Asia: The Rohingya people in Myanmar.

Here’s our lead-off story for this unit: Japan footballer Hasebe visits Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

The Rohingya Crisis in 90 seconds

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An unprecedented 200,000 child refugees have fled Myanmar and are now in urgent need of help, Unicef has warned, as the Rohingya crisis reaches new proportions. Minors make up at least 60 per cent of the 330,000 Rohingya who have crossed the border to Bangladesh over the past few weeks.

Find out more about the Rohingya people and their situation. Select the article level that suits you best and answer the questions below:


  • Which article did you read?
  • What was the topic of the article?
  • What details did the article give?
  • Had you heard about the Rohingya people before?
  • What do you think about what you read?
  • What do you think can be done about this problem?

15 thoughts on “Refugees: The Rohingya

  1. I read the article on level 3. Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims are being abused by their country, Myanmar, in the name of “national purification.” Myanmar has become a free country, but there is no freedom for Rohingya Muslims because they are not considered citizens. Burmese troops have been using violence, burning Rohingya Muslims’ villages and killing Rohingya Muslims. Su Ki, who even took the lead for Rohingya Muslims’ freedom, tried for years but failed to become president in the end as a result of the 2015 election. That’s because Myanmar’s military has strict control over the country.
    I’ve never heard of Rohingya Muslims before. Reading this article, I thought Myanmar was not a real free country. Myanmar’s military is using violence against Rohingya Muslims because they have a certain religion or background. In order for Rohingya Muslims to find freedom, Myanmar must first become a truly free country. First of all, we need to get out of the military, which is keeping close tabs on Myanmar. In order to do so, citizens of Myanmar will have to join forces.


  2. I read article 6 of the level.
    Article was of the country, rohingya muslims the people will not be recognized as talking about.
    Myanmar has had many fights since the old days of the Arakan kingdom, treating them as outsiders. And now the government even rohingya and deny the existence of the tribe, basic rights as education, medical treatment prevents. The army is living they burn villages and even threatened to kill if you don’t leave. In the explosives along the border and not just killed and they go to a lot of people. The change at a new leader staged, but plenty of reasons why these leaders also have finally stripped of his status. A lot of pressure could end up in 400,000 people left the place where she had been called home. First found out about rohingya. The country I assigned country thought likely to deny its existence, tries to kick me in frustration. Be life-threatening, where I should go without good reason is somewhat likely to support myself. I can’t solve this problem by action, but I wish I be a little help with raising public attention.


  3. (I red the article of level.3)
    The main content of the article deals with the situation of the Rohingya people, who are victimized by the so-called “ethnic cleansing”work of killing or forcing out certain people for the unification of religion and background practiced by the Myanmar state. More than a million Rohingya people have been victimized, abused and thoroughly marginalized by the Myanmar government’s “ethnic cleansing” work since the 1970s. They have been unable to withstand the situation and have been evacuated to Bangladesh for more than half of the past month, but they are short-handed in their refugee camps of Bangladesh during the monsoon season. The Rohingya people were not considered citizens by the Myanmar government, and their freedom was not guaranteed either. Also, Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s key leader, has been trying to realize the country’s freedom of government since 2010, but even she has been sitting on the sidelines for fear of her falling approval rating. Myanmar’s central military is controlling Aung San Suu Kyi’s power and keeping an eye on her every move.

    I have never known about the Rohingya people before. Reading this article, I found the reality of their positions very cold. Myanmar and the Rohingya have been at odds for more than a century due to differences in religion and historical background, and while the international community is trying to prevent the “ethnic cleansing” of Myanmar’s government, Myanmar’s democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders remain passive, and the Rohingya have become the most solitary people in the world.

    Further research suggests that a UN General Assembly resolution was adopted on Christmas Eve 2017 calling for an end to military action against the Rohingya people of Myanmar’s government. As a result, the European Union suspended military exchanges with Myanmar, and the U.S. also put the commander and major general of Myanmar’s military, who led the Rohingya rebels, on the sanctions list for human rights abuses. Also, as of December 2019, Myanmar’s government is set to face a trial by the International Court of Justice(ICJ) over the genocide of ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar, a Muslim minority, so it would be better to watch the results. Most importantly, I think it is the international community’s unrelenting interest and support for the Rohingya people.


  4. I read the article on level 3.
    The article talks about the Rohingya who escaped to Bangladesh due to discrimination and violence in Myanmar. Myanmar’s government and Buddhist groups have refused to exist and are trying to force the Rohingya out because of their religion and background. In addition, the Myanmar soldiers were terrorizing the Rohingya people and burned down the Rohingya village. In this situation, they crossed the river to Bangladesh to live behind their country. This time I first learned about the Rohingya tribe. However, I am grateful that I will be able to learn the hidden story through this class and think about it.

    I felt both shock and sorry when I first read this article. It was painful to know that there still exists a nation that still has this culture and values, and that violence is practiced on innocent people. In fact, this problem is always homework remains to us. A matter of discrimination against different as well as the contents of this article. Just as there was a problem of discrimination between white and black people in a painful history, I think we need to find a solution to the problem of judging “different” as “wrong.” I think the beginning of this problem stems from a problem of values. There are separate customs of each nation, power, and i believe that as people living together for an era, we should have values that preserve human dignity and understand differences. I think if we start with something small and small, we’ll definitely see a happy world.


  5. * Which article did you read?
    I read level 3.

    * What was the topic of the article?
    Why Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims are fleeing to Bangladesh.

    * What details did the article give?
    The Rohingya are treated very poorly. Recently, their situation has gotten worse. Myanmar’s military is scaring the Rohingya away. This is when certain people are killed or forced out of a country because of their religion or background. This is called “ethnic cleansing ”.
    Half of all the Rohingya have escaped. They have gone to Bangladesh. When they get to Bangladesh, the Rohingya stay in refugee camps. Food is hard to find at the refugee camps in Bangladesh. It is currently a time of year called Monsoon season. The area is getting a lot of rain.
    People across the world are worried about the Rohingya Muslims.Many people thought Myanmar had become a free country.
    Myanmar’s government doesn’t count the Rohingya as citizens. This means they do not enjoy the freedoms others have.People who support the basic rights of the Rohingya were disappointed.

    * Had you heard about the Rohingya people before?
    No I haven’t.

    * What do you think about what you read?
    I think it’s very scary that there are many refugees in Myanmar while we Japanese live peacefully. 60% of elementary school students can’t go school. Be threatened safety is too harsh and dangerous to live there. People who live in peaceful place don’t tend to go dangerous place because of not being guaranteed one’s own safety.
    I thought what I can do for them, but every time just pray to gods to reduce refugees there finally because I can’t do anything.

    * What do you think can be done about this problem?
    I think I can’t do anything directly, but I can do something indirectly. For example, I can do recycle of clothes like UNICEF. And I can dominate money for producing vaccines and foods. I see such things in daily, but I think I don’t know whether donations are helpful. I can’t believe such donations easily.
    I may be able to help refugees indirectly. But I don’t know how helpful that money are. So I’m getting skeptically.


  6. 1. Level3

    2.Why myanmar’s rohingya muslims are fleeing to Bangladesh

    3. No

    4.I never knew rohingya. I learned rohingya for the first time in this class. I also learned about the current
    situation that rohingya was unable to obtain the rights. Why does rohingya not count as a citizen in
    myanmar? Why is rohingya exposed to abuse for a long time? Even if you arrive at the refugee camp , your safety is not guaranteed, and there is still a difficult life . how can this situation be changed?

    5.I think this is a very difficult probrem. Because this probrem has not been solved for hundreds of years. More of this issue needs to be addressed and discussed around the world. I think the shortest solution is for many people to know about this probrem and to appeal that they have to change their treatment of rohingya.


  7. I lead level3. now refugees escape to bangladesh from myanmar. refuggees wont to entrance into bangladesh. so they staying refuge camp for many days. refuge camps envirommento is very inferior. so refugees health status get worse. but camps running need meny resorce. so refuge purobulem is big issue of both country. so refuge camp need ugent counter plan


  8. ・Which article did you read?
    ・What was the topic of the article?
     What are the Rohingya refugees? and Why are Rohingya being forced to flee Myanmar?
    ・What details did the article give?
     It is the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Rohingya refugees want to recognize nationality. But, the government in Myanmar hasn’t given their nationality. The article is introduced that a nationality is an ethnic group. Before long, Aung San Suu Kyi is a very important person for them. And then, from the United Nations, the government in Myanmar is criticized for discrimination.
    ・Had you heard about the Rohingya people before?
     Yes, I had. When I was a high school student, I knew it in the class, geography.
    ・What do you think about what you read?
     It is a very difficult problem. But I think the high class like the government mustn’t make the refugee and they are very pitiful.
    ・What do you think can be done with this problem?
     I think It is very important to talk to each other, the government to the refugee. The refugees are unilaterally weak.


  9. Which article did you read?
    I read level 3.

    What was the topic of the article?
    The topic is that the reason why Myanmar’s Rohinga Muslims are fleeing to Bangladesh.

    What details did the article give?
    The Rohingya are treated very poorly. The United Nations criticized the government of Myanmar. What is happening to these Muslims is called “ethnic cleaning”. The Rohingya have faced mistreatment for hundreds of years. They don’t have the freedoms others have. And, they escaped from Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi is an leader in Myanmar. She spent years working hard to bring d free government to Myanmar. Most people in the world cheered.The Rohingya was under pressure. Their home was burned.

    Had you heard about the Rohingya people before?
    No,I had not.

    What do you think about what you read?
    I was shocked. They do nothing. I can’t understand why they have to do such a terrible thing. I think that everyone has to have the basic rights. Discrimination by the religion and background of the person is never allowed.

    What do you think can be done about this problem?
    I can’t do anything alone, but I think it will be solved if people all over the world move for these people. Everyone should say that this is strange.


  10. I read level 5 article.
    The topic of this article is that why Rohingya people appear and how does the government of near country think this issue.
    In this article, Rohingya people don’t have their country, so they’re regarded as groups of the same religion. But they couldn’t do anything because they were forced to move there from others areas.
    Myanmar relate to them but the government do nothing to help because this country is controlled by military. So people who wants to help such as Aung San Suu Kyi can’t do anythings.
    I had known this problem and about them from news . Then I felt it’s a so serious problem.
    I think it’s not easy to solve this problem. This is because this is related to several country in this area and they and Rohingya people have their thoughts each other. In addition this should be solved with religion. I’m interested in how do they alive that at the moment.
    If we want to solve this problem, I think we need other country ‘s help as a mediator. And it’s important to understand Rohingya people well.


  11. I red level5’s article
    Rohingya is persecuted by Myanmar.
    Rohingya here been treated for ethnic cleansing. More than 400,000 have escaped to Bangladesh and hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees live there. Myanmar government’s official position is that the Rohingya isn’t ethnic group.
    Yes,I had. I first saw it when I was in high school.
    I think, For the indigenous people, it is difficult to accept because they have been hated for a long time. But don’t be persecuted. A compromise should be made on a different path from persecution. Because Rohingya already lives there.
    So, Even if the indigenous people don’t like it, they can only recognize that Rohingya are there.


  12. 1.level 5
    2.about the fleeing of Myanmar Rohingya muslims’ to Bangladesh
    3.Rohingya are minority ethnici group in in Myanmar who don’t have taken as citizens there.So they can’t use public facilities given by the government. Over 400,000 rohignyans have escaped to Bangladesh.Most of them are women,children snd elders.
    5. I think Aung San Suu Kyi is trying hard to make Myanmar’s status well without caring about others’ ideas
    6. Since Myanmar has just got the freedom ,it’s not such a good thing to have seperated ethnic groups.Though they are such an ethnic group they have a place as a kingdom ..Having a place as a kingdom means it is easy to think that they may fight for the whole land.I think UN or anyother who think rohingya should be given thw same status, should make rohingyas to love ,work with others and ti obey thw law of the country and not to make another kingdoms inside their country .


  13. I read level 8.Topic was Why are Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh?
    Rohingya people is fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh because they are stateless. The government of Myanmar attacked the village of Rohingya Muslims in 2017. The article explain how the government of Myanmar recognize Rohingya, history of Myanmar around 1990 and about the state councilor Aung San Suu Kyi.
    Thousand of Rohingya people had to run away because of the military attacks and now they have no where to go. The situation in the camp where Rohingya people are staying is torrential. Many people have died for capsizing. They have no choice, other than crossing river. If they stay, will be attacked by Myanmar military. If they flee via land,will be killed by land mines on the border.
    I’ve heard of Rohingya before because I was in Myanmar and Bangladesh around August 2017.
    There was nothing dangerous in where I stayed. I was just traveling around.Buddhist had normal life in Myanmar at the time. But the other side of the country, people were suffering from attacks.


  14. I think it’s hard to accuse the situation from inside the country, same as China about Tibet or Xin Jiang or Japan of what government does for refugee people in Japan.
    Criticism about human right hardly comes up from inside. Because,they are in feeble and fear at the time. And the government want to protect themselves so probably control the nations or the media inside the country.In my opinion, the foreign media has the strong power and it works effectively to let the other people judge whether the action is right or wrong. What we can do is to know the truth and oppose it if we think it’s against the human right.


  15. I read level 6.

    Myanmar’s government doesn’t recognize the ethnic group such as the Muslims and do the ethnic cleansing by using brutal military. So the rohingya people be excluded and are in plight.

    400,000 people have fled to Bangladesh in the past month. However there conditions are unpleasant.
    There is a complicated past between Rakhine and Rohingya.

    Yes, I had. But I am not familiar with this topic.

    This is horrible. I think we all should be gave the right of human. But it has not come true yet. I hope it become a worldwide recognition.

    I think what I can do is to keep on paying more attention to the issue. In response, the world will come to change for good.


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