“Hometown Wonder” — a poster presentation

“Poster Presentation”?

There are two basic kinds of presentations you might do in your professional life: a formal presentation, and a poster presentation. Poster presentations are different from formal presentations in several key ways:

  • Usually one-to-one
  • Conversational
  • One of many at the same time
  • Can be either on computer or printed
  • Audience is expected to ask questions
Typical Poster Session

Sample Slides


  • Prepare a “poster presentation” (on your notebook or tablet)
  • Topic: “A Hometown Wonder”
  • Length: about 12 slides
  • Preparation Time: Today and Next Week
  • Poster Session: December 3

Grading: 30 pts

  • 18 ~20 Below Average: not good, but enough to pass
  • 21 ~ 23 Average: sincere and good enough
  • 24 ~ 26 Above Average: quite good for this university
  • 27 ~ 30 Exceptional: original, thoughtful + English is very high level

Key Points

  • Spoken Language: Use your natural English. Just try to make the listener understand.
  • Written Language: No mistakes! Proofread carefully!



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