Technology, Privacy, & Security II

How safe is your information online? Do you use a “password manager” app? How much information about your life is online right now? Could people use your information to hurt you? Could an ex-lover make a “revenge porn” of you and post it online? (Hint: the answer is “Yes”)


Not a Deepfake

Today’s Reading: Zao Deepfake Tech

A new online technique called deepfake is causing people to be worried about more fake news and other things that can mislead people. The word “deepfake” is a combination of “deep learning” (which is an important part of artificial intelligence) and “fake” (which means not real). Deepfake software allows people to replace part of a picture or video with another picture or video image. The result is a fake video. The software means you can put your face over the face of a talking president or movie star. This process will make your face speak in the voice of that president or movie star. Many people are worried the technology will be used during national elections. Deepfake videos could be used to trick voters.

A new deepfake app has gone viral in China. It lets users of the app put their face over the top of actors in scenes from movies or TV shows. The app is called Zao. It went to number one on the Chinese iOS App Store chart in just a few days after its release. A Twitter user has achieved a little fame by posting the Zao videos of himself in famous TV and movie scenes. His videos show that he really looks like the main actor in the movies The Hulk, Titanic, and in the TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones. It takes just eight seconds to do this. The Zao app is currently only available for people with a Chinese phone number. It cannot be downloaded from app stores in the USA or Europe.

Question for reflection

In Japan, there have been many cases of “ore-ore sagi”, where someone calls up an old person and pretends to be a relative needing money. It works because old people can be easy to confuse. But with deepfake technology, anybody can be tricked. If we can’t trust video or audio recordings anymore, what will be the result? How do you think this will change society?

15 thoughts on “Technology, Privacy, & Security II

  1. I think that the future”s society is more complicated.For example, a countermove application will be developed.
    Many people will develop technology’s knowledge.


  2. Deepfake technology is likely to be used in crime. If technology were to be commercialized, it would be easy for anyone to create new videos using people’s faces. In other words, everyone is likely to be easily exposed to crime. I don’t know if I’m going to be the main character of any video clip. People like celebrities and politicians whose faces are exposed will be exposed to crime more recklessly. There is also a bigger problem when watching a video if you can’t tell whether the video is real or made with deepfake technology. As you can see from Japan’s “ore-ore sagi,” video and audio will no longer be reliable In fact, some expect the deepfake technology to have a political impact. This technology will cause great confusion in society because it will make fake news easy. That’s why sufficient discussion is needed before deepfake technology is commercialized. For example, there are ethical aspects of the discussion, such as ‘How do you tell people that it is not a real video but a video made through deepfake technology?’


  3. By using deep fake technology anyone can break even a strong bond between somebody.It maybe between lovers or family members.May be even the relationship between leaders of countries which may cause to starting of a war.When the leades’faces are being used to these, hatred becomes to be spread and the leader’s’ reputation go down . On the other hand a leader can find even a little bit of it .But how is it possible for a normal person ? When someone has become to known as a worse one it is impossible to correct since most of people don’t like to believe the truth in such situations. So it will cause to make him or her to suicide since no one believe the truth or being unable to face others. To my opinion deep face technology is not good for us.Because it make the society worse both mentally and physically.


  4. The media in modern society is a very important medium. Because TV, movie and SNS are made up of video and pictures. But if more cases of cheating and committing crimes with technology like ZAO, the media will no longer be reliable.
    If this is serious, there will be a phenomenon where people doubt before they realize the seriousness of the situation when watching news or videos dealing with social problems.
    And there may be some cases where you may mix them up for fun, but you may end up victimizing crimes like “ore-ore sagi” with deepfake. Even in this respect, there will eventually be a society where trust between people will be destroyed and that will make you wary of others.


  5. These frauds in Japan are also called ‘voice phishing’ in Korea, causing a lot of damage.
    Voice phishing is also stealing people’s personal information and deceiving them over the phone with false information.
    Knowing that there is voice phishing, many people are still suffering the damage. And the video’s “Deep Pike” online technology, seen earlier, is also enough to fool others by synthesizing others’ faces on their own. That means you can no longer unconditionally trust things like video, voice or recording. If this continues, we’ll have to be in a state of anxiety about where our photos will spread, and we won’t be free to use SNS like Instagram. However, I think there will be a strengthened manual in the process of creating strong laws and technologies against human rights violations. Just like a society where technology improves and changes, the laws involved will be changed.


  6. At first, I thought the technology was very interesting. When I played a soccer game, my favorite player who I operated was very real things and I also enjoyed the game more. I still enjoy the game! The technology is used to give a sense of presence. Also, if I posted my original video on Youtube, I would want to hide my real face to protect myself. I think the technology is a very good mechanism to enjoy the game and protect myself. But, today when I saw the two videos regarding to the「deep fakes」, I was honestly afraid. Because we don’t know what it is real things, and what it is fake things. It is difficult for us to distinguish the former from the latter. So, as to this question, 「How do you think this will change society?」, in the future, people have no interest in all things, because it has so many fake things. I think the purpose that people use deep fakes is to make the profit so easily. We can change the world by using only one smartphone or personal computer in this era, so we have sense of crisis seriously.


  7. How do you think this will change society?

    As I wrote about in the last topic, Face recognition system is used for crime prevention. And technology like Zao Deepfake had evolved too.I sympathizes with the idea that If we can’t trust video or audio recordings anymore, what will be the result.

    I think it will evolve discriminating technology concurrently with developing technology like Zao Deepfake. Because it is essential for our society to develop new technology to contribute peace of society like crime prevention. So we have to identify real information or fake like information applied Zao. To distinguish that, it will evolve discriminating technology.
    And I think it will Clash with each other like herbivore and carnivore. Its example is called “The Light-Switch Hypothesis”.


  8. I’ve done more research on Deepfake technology. Deepfake technology started with a technology called GAN that Dr. Goodfellow, who recently moved to Apple, announced to the NIPS Society in 2014 when he studied machine learning at Google Brain. The GAN was announced and experts praised it but expressed concern in same time.//One of the concerns in Deepfake technology is that audio manipulation is possible. The technology, which is already being used for artificial intelligence voice speakers, is to learn the voice of a celebrity and modulate it just like the voice of a real person. When combined with deepfake’s video, the fake person created by AI can be more sophisticated than the computer graphic, as the real person is saying. If this is the case, there will be very big confusion in the process of dealing with problems that are harmful to society, such as violent crimes, in the future, and if you take the forged ones as truth or evidence, you will come to the wrong conclusion, and the result will be disastrous. In fact, in the U.S., it is undermining the public’s trust by producing obscene materials that synthesize faces of journalists, social activists, politicians and actors. Concerns are rising that this will have a serious impact on next year’s U.S. presidential election. I think that Deepfake’s synthetic media technology can never rule out the possibility of being used maliciously, such as disrupting elections and plunging stock prices of listed companies. Many scholars now say that this deep fake technology is now favorable to villains. AI-based risk reports released by various U.S. agencies include: “Deep fake is surprisingly similar to reality, so they are likely to be used for phishing attacks on companies and individuals that are difficult for users to determine whether they are authentic or not.” “Imagine the situation where a fake boss makes a video call and orders to transfer travel expenses being handled by the company to a specific account in cash now,” one report said. I think the war on counterfeit video have been already started and it’s time for the industry, academia and the government to work together to respond strongly and find a solution in depth.


  9. Today informatin technology is developed to a high degree. so person with technology can impersonate others. so technician can be confuse nontechnical person. therefor person without knowledge will to be big damage. for example fraud or falsification. for the reason strengthen to information security is very important.


  10. Nowadays we use face or voice authentication on various daily scenes. Fingerprints authentication is also. So if we can’t we should be so confused and led a lot of an act of fraudulence. But it happened to be used user’s memories for example code numbers.
    On the other hand, society will change greatly. In my opinion, many of protect companies or organizations will be established in all over the world and each country. Maybe it can’t be protected only by police. Actually there’re a few organization.
    Moreover they people will become more cautiously to any body even if among members of a family or a group.


  11. It has a fairytale that when everyone was young should listen is A shepherd’s child. When people always be lied form Internet information result in people can’t trust or distinguish what is truth or not than people only can do is don’t trust all information only if see with people’s own eyes.
    I think Internet had lose a part of function. Internet would be inventions one reason is let people don’t need to go outside than can know everything about the world. Now people be deceived from Internet information, it isn’t contrary to original intention? So have any app that people can post on it than it can identification that video or audio recording is fake? I think technology will become more and more advanced, and one day people will crack this app and sanction the people who want to use it to do bad things.


  12. Now, fake news has become a hot topic. At this point, you can’t see through it, and it is more difficult for is to do because of deep fake. So, It is probably impossible for us to see through. Let’s leave it to the machine. If someone other than you was operating the machine, it may have been transferred to another face. If that happens, you will have to meet the person directly. In other words, most information must be looked at with suspicion.
    This is a serious problem for us in the information society on the Internet, but the spread of deep fake will not stop. So I think we have to deal with it wisely.


  13. I think I have seen so many fake video on the web. Without noticing that is fake, it is attractive to people. Some famous people can act stupid on the photo or video.This technology will confuse people, it may cause serious problems with international relations or criminals.

    With concerns about fake video and fake audio recording, I think it’s very important to doubt things that you see and hear through the internet.I hope the new technologies that detect fake video and recording will came up against those existing technologies like Zao makes.
    I think if all people in the world can make face replacements easily on app like Zao, there will be huge confusion that no ones can trust people. That would be shameful as we human. The technology will break ones credence on others. With many of fakes and lies ,we will be more careful and will have cold emotion. Eventually I think this society will be built by people without emotions like a robot.


  14. I think it will be happened that the fake deepfake technology makes people confused. The technology are used by anyone easily. What it means is that it can be used by people without order. If someone makes fake news with a featured person who is involved in diplomatic relations such as the president, I suppose the relationship between countries may deteriorate in particular. In response, it caused that people may have conflict feelings and suspicions about their surroundings. I don’t know if the world is already full of fake news. I think it will be more important to develop the technology that can notice the fake news and be filter them.


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