Technology, Privacy & Security

Information technology is truly amazing: our phones and computers are such a part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without them. (Have you ever panicked when you forgot your phone at home?) They are so convenient and powerful, but they also have a dark side: they open us up to control, manipulation and having our most private and important information stolen. This next section of the class will look several different issues related to information technology, privacy and security.

Facial Recognition Software

San Francisco, long at the heart of the technology revolution, took a stand against potential abuse on Tuesday by banning the use of facial recognition software by the police and other agencies. The action, which came in an 8-to-1 vote by the Board of Supervisors, makes San Francisco the first major American city to block a tool that many police forces are turning to in the search for both small-time criminals and perpetrators of mass carnage.

The New York Times, May 14, 2019

San Francisco has become the first city in the USA to ban facial recognition software. The city has said police and other public departments cannot use the software. San Francisco already uses surveillance cameras for reading car number plates and police officers wear body cameras. There is facial recognition at airports. Many officials wanted to introduce facial recognition in the city to increase security. They said facial recognition technology would make it cheaper and faster for police to find crime suspects and identify missing people. An expert on information technology said: “A ban on facial recognition will make [San Francisco] frozen in time with outdated technology.”

There are many opponents of the technology, which is being widely used in other parts of the world. San Francisco official Aaron Peskin called facial recognition a “Big Brother” technology. Big Brother is a character in the book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell. The phrase Big Brother is now used to describe attempts by governments or authorities to increase surveillance and “spy” on citizens. Mr Peskin said: “We can have security without being a security state. We can have good policing without being a police state.” He added that: “Part of that is building trust with the community based on good community information, not on Big Brother technology.”

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Not everyone is opposed to “Big Brother technology,” however.

More about “facial recognition software” and why is it an important issue?

Questions for discussion and writing

  • What do you think about using facial recognition technology?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology?
  • Would you want the government to know where you are and what you are doing at all times? Why or why not?
  • Would you want Kochi University, your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, to know where you are and what you are doing at all times? Why or why not?
  • Is privacy important? Why or why not?

13 thoughts on “Technology, Privacy & Security

  1. I don’t think face recognition is necessary. Of course, if face recognition technology is used, it can shorten the time to unlock the screen and only have to look at the payment screen and criminals a great help in the search. However, I think face recognition can be feared because information is provided with only a face. If I think someone I don’t know knows my face and I’m watching it, the fear is all over me.
    With this technology, if the government is watching me, or if my friends’ families look at me every day, I will not be able to do what I want to do. I don’t want anyone watching me because I can’t enjoy my free life being conscious of other people’s eyes. We don’t have to inform or report everything in our lives. If I had to tell you everything, it would be like living in jail. That’s why it’s important to have a free private life.


  2. I was before I see this article, facial recognition feature only for the convenience of thought. But have a facial recognition features are a double-edged sword. Identity verification are easy to people through the use of this function and can be unlocked cell phones by him, as well as programs such as paying the price.Will save time. On the other hand, facial recognition feature, there are disadvantages as well. People’s faces and business information of my face that we do not know what to do.
    I what and where the government doing about those who want to know in real time, there is no. This is an invasion of privacy. An invasion of privacy are likely to deprive of freedom of people. The government, as well as my university, parents, friends, confidants know I was doing what and where in real time as well. No matter how close an invasion of privacy, even if the problem is that people alike. This will be no different from what is being watched in prison.
    Privacy is important. With people, people are forced to live or intentionally hide who I am. Things that can’t see that this behavior is absolutely bad. After that day really need time to be herself. During this time is not aware of anything and can relax and rest. But this time even breached, are living through conscious of something every single moment because people will receive a great deal of stress. For these reasons, it is Another reason is, if not more. If we wants to show other people even amoseup need to know? Of course not. But companies are invading privacy this We don’t want to know if someone else’s privacy to information may be forced to learn and On the contrary, my.Will be revealing personal life is.


  3. I thought it was convenient to use face recognition in everyday life. Because it has the advantage of being useful in situations such as face recognition locks and crimes. However, I think there should be a clear standard for face recognition technology because there are also bad consequences. Otherwise, they could be exposed to another crime with facial recognition technology.

    I think the advantage of this technology is that it’s really useful in the face recognition system, in the detection of suspects by crime. There’s a lot of examples, but we use CCTVs, for example, to track a suspect, to track him down, to investigate where he was and what he was doing. This gives us a key advantage in arresting suspects. But it has the disadvantage of being able to invade many people’s privacy.

    In fact, it makes me feel uncomfortable that the government knows where I’m doing what I’m doing or that I can trace it later.But I’m not against it. The reason is that I can also be targeted at crime, and they can locate me with my information or protect me with other information. But I think it’s a crime if the University of Kochi, friends and parents try to find and track me down more than they need to.

    This is because it is the existence of this device that is used when the need for the information is felt.


  4. 1 I agree this technology, because this technology have possibility against offence.
    But this technology’s useing must regulation.

    2 Good point, offenders can sarch for simply compared to now
    Bad point, this technology is privacy infringe.

    3 No, I don’t have free. It is very heavy stress. and goverment to know where I am and what I am doing at all
    time is to infringe mine’s rights.

    4 I disagree for the same reason. with thard opinions.

    5 If we don’t have privacy , our community’s safety can’t trust.


  5. I read level 5.
    * What do you think about facial recognition technology using?
    * What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology?
    I think facial recognition technology has good points and bad points too .
    Good points have two way to think. One is that facial recognition technology made it possible to use computers more easier such as Face ID. Second, some situations got efficiently. For example, Issuing an annual passport of universal studios Japan are used facial recognition technology.
    Bad point is that the privacy of the users may be at risk. They question how Google uses people’s photos. Some fear they could be used in other ways without permission. No matter how much Google say we don’t use personal information in private use,we don’t have a way to confirm.

    * Would you want the government to know where you are and what you are doing at all times? Why or why not?
    * Is privacy important? Why or why not

    I don’t want that the government to know where you are and what you are doing at all times. Because we can’t have private and no time to feel relieved .
    Such as China, The government handles personal information made daily life comfortable.In China,shopping is more efficientale to have personal card. This card Includes credit function.But there’s no freedom and I think it’s suffocating . So I think private is important.

    * Would you want Kochi University, your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, to know where you are and what you are doing at all times? Why or why not?
    I don’t want that. I think everyone should have private and everyone have some secret more or less. Even I have secrets that don’t tell someone. So I think no private means no freedom.


  6. I think using facial recognition technology isn’t matters but great technology. When we use user authentication or other scene this technology makes us more conveniently and safety. But it is also dangerous one.

    Advantage point is that it makes us safety and convenient. Some typical examples are cited as follows smartphones, we can open without own hands. And no one can open with their face. Disadvantage point is that we should lost own privacy. Like google services, users should be ready that google can use those date of users as every methods.

    I don’t want to be known by government everything. If it made bad use of some things it means we lost privacy. But when I face emergency or disasters, I want them to use.

    I don’t want family or friends to know my information. This is because if I known they can protect me and I feel not good. It doesn’t make profit.

    I think privacy is important. If we have no privacy we can’t do everything with feel being monitored. It’s not good.


  7. 1.When times go on than science and technology get progress. Life of people are become more and more convenient , at the same time we could lose our privacy in the times. Before we use the facial recognition technology , one thing we should know that is why we need this technology? It really can help us to tracking prisoners? Or it just a way let governments to surveillance people what they do?
    2. Maybe this technology who invented it is starting to let the prisoners who don’t know status could be confirmed their status. But some countries what they want to use this technology to control the people. As this technology want to make people get a convenient life but actually some people would use it to control people and limit people do something.
    3. I wouldn’t like let the government know that what am I doing every time.I think nobody like the life becomes The Truman Show to let government know.
    4.I think I have the right let my friends , family even boyfriend or girlfriend know or unknown what am I going to do something. I would like to have the right to decide what I want people know. Not everything that needs to tell other people, if I want to let them know than I will tell them by myself.
    5. I think the privacy is very important. It’s a right that we have innately. No one like the feeling that everything will be known for people. Even I am not a famous person, I still hate that feeling like I am be seeing from someone. No secret world is the best? I don’t think so. Everyone has the right to tenure their own secrets. And also the privacy is the right of people have. If we lose it, than we are not freedom people.


  8. I think using this technology is convenient.It can easily judge that person. So, we can use it several situations. But, I never thought that how companies like Google are using their photos. It has risk of privacy being compromised. So, I think it needs regulation.

    The advantage is this technology makes people happy. And, we can unlock our phone,use for programs that pay for things.This is very convenient. The disadvantage is that this technology can threaten people’s privacy.

    I don’t want to be known where I am and what I am doing at all times by the government, Kochi University, my parents, my boyfriend. Because I can’t enjoy my free time. It’s so stressful for me.

    Privacy is important. It is my important imformation and times. So, It should not be abused or disturbed.


  9. facial recognition technology should use to dengerous area. so it can find missing human and able to safety ensuring. so I support facial recognition system intoroduction for plant, large ship ,or transpor station. but I am not support intoroduction facial recognition system on everyplace. because we watcing by someone. so we cant relax .it is infringement on human rights. so we should using technology moralistically.


  10. I think it is good to use the facial recognition technology on some limited conditions.

    The good points of this technology are that it be going to become a prevention against any crime of course.

    The not good points of this technology are that it on the contrary be boing to become a crime committed by an organized group.

    I don’t want to be known by the government where I am and what I am doing at all time. This is because it can’t be said that the government are always safe. I basically don’t believe the giant organizations. The bigger organization become, the more dangerous of system will be.

    I don’t want to be known by any of them where I am and what I am doing at all time. I think
    the problem is an existence of the system. To varying extents, there is a probability that criminals use the date which are concerned with me.

    I’m sure that Privacy is very important at least, no matter how other people think. I think the topic should be judged according to individual. I think privacy is the one of the most essential right.


  11. Level5
    ・What do you think about using facial recognition technology?
    The technology is already used by Google in its Photos service, which 500 million use every month. So, It is expanded to all over the world and recognized by people as the promoted system.
    ・What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology?
    The advantageous points are computer programs can recognize a person without being told who it is and also learn a face from earlier photos. As to the Googles’ service, it enables users to share photos they have taken of their friends.
    On the other points that have disadvantageous is that users’ privacy is also highlighted how well Facebook’s platform recognizes people’s faces. That is to say, it does not require much information from users.
    ・Would you want the government to know where you are and what you are doing at all times? Why or why not?
    No, I wouldn’t. Of course, as to the aspect of security, the information where I am, what I am doing and the person who aim at me are very profitable for me. If you are aimed at anyone, I will be protected by the government. But, the system is very dangerous to protect my private things. If it is used to good things like security, that will be okay. But in the case of abuse for me, I can’t protect myself. So, I don’t agree with its opinion.
    ・Would you want Kochi University, your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, to know where you are and what you are doing at all times? Why or why not?
    Whatever the size of the community, I want to have a private area. I’m always conscious of sense of distance to other people. I think the private area which everyone doesn’t know is very important to continue keeping myself. I would like to effort somethings behind other people’s backs. So, it will be able to discriminate against other people.
    ・Is privacy important? Why or why not?
    Very very important. It needs to protect myself and also make my future.


  12. I think I feel uncomfortable, but I understand it is useful to arrest.
    It is convenience for us to maintain security. And big date is gathered in one place. If this place is attacked and personal information is leaked out, the damage is immeasurable.
    No, I wouldn’t. I can understand to use facial recognition technology when I use public buildings and public transport. But I don’t agree to use it at all time.
    No, I wouldn’t. I want have free and privacy.
    Yes, it is. The lack of privacy is not free.


  13. *I read level 7*
    -When the phone X was first sold , one of the pair YouTuber made an video to explain new functions of it. They are twins and I looked them nothing different. In the video, they tested how facial recognition well on recognizing people’s faces. I was even shocked that facial recognition exceeded my expectations and it distinguished the twins. However, now I feel normal to have this shocking function with me because it’s shocking moment is in past and I got used to it.
    Watching the video about Chinese sophisticated camera system, a shocking experience got arise again. Now I fear that technology makes people forget about first impressions in itself and makes people not questionable for it as we are using constantly.

    -The advantages of technology is its convenience. People have lived better life with introducing new technology. Usually technology saves our time and effort. If we think about all the appliances in the house, it is obvious that instead of consuming our time and effort,they have done for us. And without technologies, how if we want to travel? The technology have made people’s life safe and longer too. For example, in medical field,much more illness and injuries were saved than the past, with not just developing science research but introducing technologies.
    On the other hand, it has also some of disadvantages. The environment issues happened mostly because of development of technology. And as we see on this article, our privacy is in danger because of it.
    ( I can not think of many here, maybe because I am benefiting much from technology)

    Would you want the government to know where you are and what you are doing at all times?
    -“No, I don’t want them to seen me at all.”I would probably answered this 10 years ago. However, I now feel I have no choice and it’s ok. If right now, someone watching me, then I don’t oppose it. First because I don’t do anything criminal or embarrassing. And second,I don’t know them-the government in personal.
    However,I concern about the situation in China’s autonomous region. If the government is bad, the way of using watching system should be accused. But the inside people can not because the government is watching. This is an example which I should question on this type of technology.

    Would you want Kochi University, your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, to know where you are and what you are doing at all times?
    -That would be problem because I can not lie to them at all. Sometimes a lie brings peace to our life, I believe. ..
    -Privacy may not be such important in the recent time. As we accept more diversity of human being.


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