Brexit, Part 3: Deal or No Deal?

Brexit is scheduled to happen at the end of this month, but nobody is really ready for what will come next. At the moment, politicians and government workers are trying hard to come up with an agreement, a “deal” that will protect the economy and markets on both sides.

Time is running out…

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Economists Worry about the Effects of a “No-Deal” Exit

Read more about the effects of Brexit on the economy. Please choose the level that suits you best, then answer the questions below.

Questions for Reflection

  • What was the article about?
  • What was its main point?
  • What evidence did it give to support its main point?
  • Do you agree with the opinion expressed in the article? Why or why not?
  • What questions do you have about this article?

13 thoughts on “Brexit, Part 3: Deal or No Deal?

  1. It is very dengrerous for the UK exit EU without deal. if UK exit no idea so UK will face big ploblem.
    one of those intrenationar trade probrem. To give an example in trade port commerce rule sudden change affect very big confuse. so internatioral physical distribution will be stagnant in UK. physical distribution stagnant is one big national emergency. present state UK have no idea of safety landeing point. so UK should planed to maintenan intrenational tarade.


  2. 1.A question on trade arising from Brexit
    2.Because of Brexit, the UK is different E.U. Problems arise because free trade with countries is no longer possible. It is a problem such as production difficulties due to the lack of supplies or higher costs to trade with other countries.
    3.Cadbury’s Chocolate, BLT Sandwich
    4.I agree. No matter how good a solution is, it takes time for it to settle down. But there is no proper solution yet. Furthermore, the question of getting materials is another E.U.If we don’t trade with the country again, it will eventually lead to problems such as higher prices or lower quality.
    5.Other E.U.Previous and other policies will be needed to trade with countries again. If those policies cost less than before, will Britain ever accept them?


  3. I chose level 4.
    This article talks about the problems that citizens will face due to export restrictions due to free trade restrictions, the problems of people suffering from changes in export import regulations, and Brexit, which is difficult even in continuous communication.

    If Britain withdraws from the EU without consulting the EU, many problems will arise, most notably trade issues will pose a big problem for many citizens. And as the relationship to free trade collapses, the trade relationship that has been balanced loses its balance and has to continue trade with difficult routes and expensive money. It can make people lose their favorite foods that they normally have.

    This article suggested that due to the free trade resolution caused by Brexit, the main ingredients such as chocolate material from Cadbury Company, cream egg, which is the food ingredient of sandwiches, and many problems are involved.

    I also agree to some extent with the side effects of Brexit in this article. I think governments of all countries should listen to both citizens and minorities and make choices for them, so they need to find a middle ground through communication and discussion.

    While many countries are being threatened by the UK’s trade economy, I think that because free trade has not been done unilaterally, there will certainly be less loss and profit in the UK. So the question is, what kind of alternatives does the UK have and what direction does it want? And I think we can find a more effective way if we can discuss and deal with other countries based on their direction.


  4. What was the article about?
    It’s about a chocolate who calls Cadbury don’t want to give up the deal with EU.

    What was its main point?
    Not just people but Private enterprises also think leave the EU is a not good idea.

    What evidence did it give to support its main point?
    When the government have a plan to leave EU but have no deal , the private enterprise knew that British did a wrong decision.

    Do you agree with the opinion expressed in the article? Why or why not?
    I agree that private enterprise want to have the deal with EU.
    Because the government haven’t get ready to leave but some people who let the fake media deceive to leave EU.
    I think the government hasn’t get ready to leave EU, when the next year comes , people will be under the Political struggles of the sacrifice.

    What questions do you have about this article?
    Have other entertainment in Britain want to have a deal with EU?


  5. •An adverse effect of Brexit trade sanctions

    •There are several side effects of Brexit. With the withdrawal of the EU, free trade is not achieved, resulting in side effects such as rising prices and changing laws.

    •First, the situation of a company called Mondelez is evidence. Mondelez wants Britain to remain in the EU. In order to make Cadbury, the company needs to import the various materials, but when Brexit made it difficult, it ended up withdrawing them.
    Secondly , it is a matter of chaos that arises when trade related laws are reestablished. They claim that the free trade agreement and other British law will delay the port for a long time and eventually lead to traffic jams.
    In order to eat the BLT sandwich, various ingredients are needed, but price increase is also unavoidable in the current situation of having problems with trade.

    •I agree. Unlike the previous situation in which many countries were trading at a more comfortable and cheaper price, I think it is better to belong to the EU because of the side effects caused by Brexit. It may have been more like what those who agreed to Brexit wanted, but the situation with neighboring countries also leaves more discomfort in general life. Negative aspects are more likely to be found, such as rising prices, the disappearance of favorite foods, and problems with trade. If negotiations with the EU do not go well, there will also be other side effects. As I think this situation affects not only the UK but also the world, I agree with the negative opinion about Brexit.

    •If Brexit is implemented and prices are skyrocketing, what are the measures for it?


  6. I red the article_level3

    1. The position on the Brexit of the Cadbury that a popular candy company in Britain

    2. The company named Cadbury wants Britain to make a deal with the EU. Cadbury hopes it will allow free, open trade with Europe.

    3. At a time when Britain has stopped dealing with the United Nations and has no longer had free trade between the EU, the Cadbury in England is finding it hard to get materials from other countries to make chocolate. The process of trade is more costly than before, and people are also confused by the new trade rules and expect more time to be spent on trade than before.

    4. I agreed. Free trade through the United Nations can promote the creation of trade by completely eliminating the export and investment of goods, and their own customs and import and export systems, and by freeing movement of goods from country to country. Countries that ship goods to Britain and Britain face great economic risks, and trade deals are much more expensive. Economists say the risks posed by Brexit could include new taxes on trade, slow movement of people and goods on the border and the issue of permission to do business in other countries.

    5. No question.


  7. 1.About the problems that Britain would have to face if they leave EU without any deal
    2.Cadbury chocolates company .
    3.If Britain leaves EU without any deal the trade between European countries would be even harder and they won’t get enough supplement of some key goods.
    4. Yes .as it is a big company ,if they wouldn’t get enough stuffs they can’t get enough profit. and it would be a cause to many to loss their job.
    5. Why aren’t there any plans to supply foods for the army?


  8. 1 The effect on some trades and conpany from a no-deal Brexit.
    2 A no-deal Brexit makes a lot of issue of trades and businesses.So it’s necessary to prepare for a no-deal Brexit
    3 British news paper said people at port confused because of trade rules.BLT(bacon,lettuce,tomato)would become harder to find.
    4 I agree with this idea.Because it’s impossible to estimate bad or good situation.And Brexit has never happend and noone experienced before.that’s why I think it’s necessary to prepare.
    5 Could people in UK who voted leaving calculated this situation?


  9. I red level3 article.

    The article’s main point is that if UK leave the EU without a deal, some key goods will be in low supply.

    One of those goods is chocolate. Cadbury is a popular candy company in Britain. The company announced it is stockpiling huge amount of chocolate because if Britain leave the EU without a deal, it is hard to trade with other countries. And the trade will soon cost more.

    I agree this opinion. Because I think so too. No deal Brexit is dangerous.

    Why don’t a deal go well.


  10. *What was the article about?
     It is that what is the problem that the U.K leaves E.U.
    *What was its main point?
     In the U.K companies, they prepare for leaving E.U. not to be confused from other Europian counties.
     Preparation is trade. Duo to leaving E.U., trade with other counties will soon cost more. The companies in the U.K. have to raise money for the customer. So, if it is not preparing for leaving E.U., the company has trouble to maintain own company.
    *What evidence did it give to support its main point?
     Cadbury, a famous chocolate company in the U.S. made other warnings about Brexit. British newspapers say that the movement that the country has different rules at its border could cause big problems.
    *Do you agree with the opinion expressed in the article? Why or why not?
     I agree with the opinion. Because we think the resolution is a very good point. But it is a very difficult problem.
    *What questions do you have about this article?
     How do they prepare for leaving E.U?
     Was the decision of leaving E.U a good decision in spite of the confusion occurring in the U.K?


  11. I read level 3.
    (1)What was the article about?
    It was about the contact between UK and EU after Brexit.

    (2)What was its main point?
    It was that if Britain leaves the EU without a deal,trade between European countries will be even harder.

    (3)What evidence did it give to support its main point?
    It was that the country would have different rules at its borders without deals.For examples,Cadbury’s chocolate and BLT.

    (4)Do you agree with the opinion expressed in the article?Why or why not?
    I agree.Because the trade is the most important thing for country’s economy.But now it may be disadvantage situation by Brexit. So,I agree with the article.

    (5)What questions do you have about the article?
    Does UK need any other deals beside trade?


  12. 1.What was the article about?
    If the UK leave the EU without any deal which is happening on the end of this month, there will be chaos over the country and world.

    2.What was its main point?

    The main point on this article is either deal or no deal , there would be chaos and confusion in the UK. Also parliament may have split. But we don’t have much time left.

    3.What evidence did it give to support its main point?

    The confusion is already happening.For example ,the UK’s one of the biggest chocolate company concern about some changes on its business and training. Not just price of the product will be affected,but also shipping cost will be charged more.

    4.Do you agree with the opinion expressed in the article? Why or why not?

    On the article, it says that trade could be negatively affected if there is no deal and rules change to WTO standards.
    I totally agree with this statement, because I think recession will occur with this confusion and to recover from recession, the Uk need to make it by themselves. It would be very hard especially when there is no deals.

    5.What questions do you have about this article?
    What is UK’s food self-sufficiency rate? If Brexit happen,what is the anticipation of changes on self- sufficiency rate?( how will it affect to agriculture and other industries in UK)


  13. 1
    The future no one knows of British trade between EU
    Confusion of Cadbury and BLTs
    This article says “Cadbury may have to raise prices for customers” and “There was a claim that no one could enjoy a BLTs anymore”.
    Will the domestic employment and trade grow and become more rich?


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