Brexit, Part 2: Why??

Several students asked why the majority of people in the UK voted to leave the European Union, even though people worried it would cause many problems. This class will look at a couple of answers.

What’s the relation to the map below? Notice any similarities? Any differences?

British Isles population density 2011

[About TED talks… As you probably know, TED talks are a great (and free!) resource for studying English. There are many ways to use these talks, but I recommend that you try to watch each talk twice. The first time, watch with your native language subtitles turned on. Then watch it again with English subtitles. If you find any surprising words or expressions, why don’t you make note of them and try to use them. For example, when you write your thoughts about the talk, try to use those words or expressions.]

First is Alexander Betts. Try to understand what he thinks was the reason people in Britain voted to leave the European Union. What evidence does he give to support his idea?

Next is Carole Cadwalladr. She has a very different idea about what happened. What does she think was the reason people in Britain voted to leave the European Union. What evidence does she give to support her idea?

Next, discus these questions with your neighbors. Find out what they think. Finally write your own answers in the reply below:

  • What was Alexander Betts main point?
  • What evidence did he give to support that point?
  • What was Carole Cadwalladr’s main point?
  • What evidence did she give to support that point?
  • Which talk do you believe more and why?

If you still are not sure about what Brexit is, this video may help you.

12 thoughts on “Brexit, Part 2: Why??

  1. ・We must be thinking and have knowledge. All People get globalizations gift.
    ・Not freedom ,and not open. Separate country.
    ・Many bad things do on online.
    Most disagree people were many get from brix.
    ・Bad things on facebook.
    ・About facebook, because show graf.

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  2. Alexander Betts main point is monopolar concentration of popuretion to capital city.population concentrat is call forth primitive city. so london will be primitive city. primitive city have ploblem. for example shortage of society resorce. To give an example commuter rush , traffic jam ,and deterioration of public addition there is risc of provincial city or town will be deterioration.

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  3. 1. The most dangerous thing is ‘polarization’. For “inclusive globalization,” a “medium chapter” should be set up.
    2. Most of the reasons for the withdrawal from “Brexit” were ‘immigrant’ issues. The problem has gotten worse and worse, leading to “foreign hatred” and “racism.” In order to embrace globalization, we need an attitude of accepting and understanding immigrants, not abhorring and discriminating against them in this way. The more immigrants lived in the area, the more tolerant they were. That’s why we need a venue for exchange. In the end, a “middle chapter” is needed.”
    3. Due to the development of technology, SNS is being used as a means of new politics. However, it is being used in illegal forms in violation of U.K. election laws and laws, and people need to recognize this fact and completely eliminate Facebook and other forms of illegal advertising.
    4. On the eve of the Brexit referendum, ‘the group leading the voting campaign to exit’ laundered the money and advertised it on Facebook The ad was exposed based on the ‘fear’ the target had.(We had a marketing campaign.) As evidence, Cambridge Analytica illegally collected profiles of 87 million Facebook users to get the results they wanted in the Brexit referendum, understood the individual’s fears, and found and advertised more suitable Facebook ads.
    5. I believe Carole Cadwalladr’s story. Modern society has already become so complicated that it cannot be known simply by “knowledge.” In this society, I think it is important to identify the real problems of the present society and take new measures, and I think Alexander Betts’s story is theoretically understandable, but it will not be easy to apply to the present society. Also, it is important not to believe all ads these days that can be easily advertised through SNS. There has been a lot of controversy in Korea over “fake news,” and no matter how “false news” people find it hard to objectively accept and analyze information that makes them feel left out. Therefore, people in modern society should try to be aware of these facts, and I think that they are taking the lead in Carole Cadwalladr.

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  4. Globalization is important.
    We should be far more tolerant of one another.

    He gave the 4 ideas to get new vision of globalization.
    The first relates to the idea of civic education. The second thing is that to encourage more interaction across diverse communities. The third thing is we have to ensure that everybody shares in the benefits of globalization. The final idea is we need more responsible politics.

    With the illegal cash,”Vote leave” unleashed a fire hose of disinformation. And public opinion moved.

    She gave the disinformation about immigration on Facebook.

    Alexander Betts is. Because I think that this problem’s key is immigration. We can see differences in opinions by region. So, I believe more his thoughts.

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  5. Alexander Betts main point is people in United Kingdom meltdowns.
    I don’t catch it’s evidence. Sorry.
    Carole Cadwalladr’s main point is that the British had a negative campaign.
    EU good news didn’t come to UK.And Facebook send bad news.Then,illegal money moved it. I saw the crime side of grate technology.
    Carole ‘s talk believe more. Because I think Facebook maybe make a negative campaign and receive illegal money.

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  6. I think his point is “to encourage globalization, to adapt with a generous mind.” Based on this, the international market and pollster MORI said, “There are some very wrong results in investigating attitudes toward immigrants, but they still reported to the press. It’s easy to turn a lie into a fact, and a true lie can be people’s idea. So we need to encourage globalization from education through accurate facts. He said.

    And according to the Financial Times’ Brachte analysis, many of those who chose to approve were those who benefited from free trade. That’s why we must understand each other through dialogue and communication and have a generous mindset toward globalization, knowing that globalization is accepted by everyone even if Britain does not leave the EU.

    On the other hand, she criticizes Facebook’s break sheets and false information about strange advertising, legal threats and election fraud that have occurred through Facebook. And it was wrong information about Turkey’s EU on Facebook as a basis for her opinion. Turkey was a country that did not belong to the EU, and such false information was a mistake to ignore people. The election via Facebook has become a scam for other people’s money transactions, and politicians say they should reveal the truth, not just say they will do well in the future.

    When I hear about those two, it’s Alexander Batts who agrees a little more. Of course I agree with her, but the concrete steps he made in his speech were most impressive. Among other things, he was particularly moved by the saying, “Globalization should be open to anyone and can be safe when it is, and ignoring attitudes becomes an ugly face.” Because Britain is trying to shake off the problems of immigrants when it leaves the EU and can itself be seen as a hostile reaction to globalization. Therefore, I hope that we will protect our safety with communication and understanding and create a world that will go with me.

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  7. 1.His main point is talk about why most of people in the UK want to leave the EU and how do we do to face the next challenge of the people who don’t want to leave or regret the end of the vote.
    He got 4 points to change the UK.
    First is from education , it have evidence to show the truth and lied are stand in same place. Second is let another association to get communication to know what different age of people think about.
    Third is change the immigrants to the less of immigrants have place.

    2.He found the people who want to leave EU is almost didn’t have contact with immigrants.And he wants to change these people, let them know that immigrants won’t damage economic of the UK .

    3.After the UK leave EU 2 years ago.She found the vote got a huge effect in the UK.And the start of the vote is social media told people who use facebook the fake news about immigrants.Not just about Facebook, the UK leave EU also have another reason, it’s about Trump.

    4.She got the Facebook did the fake advertisement before the vote.And she knew support the people who want to leave EU group are Trump’s supporters.

    5.I believe Carole Cadwalladr more.I think fake news can really gets huge effects.In Taiwan it’s have a lot of fake news on TV, and some people don’t to think about the truth or not, just believe that them saw.When people almost believed the fake,it maybe becomes truth.

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  8. * What was Alexander Betts main point?
    It’s very important to promote the globalization with everyone beyond various walls.

    * What evidence did he give to support that point?
    Polarized societies are far less tolerant of globalization like Sweden in the past and Canada today.

    * What was Carole Cadwalladr’s main point?
    Undercover transaction Historical sinners did during votes.

    * What evidence did she give to support that point?
    It’s terrible that Trump’s relationship to Farage and company called Canbrige Analytica. Don’t forgive Undercover transaction.

    * Which talk do you believe more and why?
    I believe Carole Cadwalladr’s performance .Because her performance made me fully thinking and had really. But Alexander Betts’s performance didn’t feel close.


  9. 1. The lack of inclusive globalization, the reluctance of immigrants, is the reason for the withdrawal from the EU.
    2. The UK is showing great regional differences on withdrawal. The top 50 percent want to leave the country because they have the support of a generation that rejects established politics such as refugees and asylum applications. In reality, however, immigrants have a positive effect on the economy, but their disapproval of immigrants only grows because they have no benefit to themselves. They argue that a change in perception of immigrants is necessary to reduce this reluctance. First of all, we need to change our attitude toward immigrants by becoming a truth-based society. And it should provide immigrants with opportunities to participate as a community so that they can interact. It should provide welfare and benefits for residents as well as welfare for immigrants. Lastly, they are showing signs of communicating with each other and solving problems, insisting that “inclusive globalization” be practiced.
    3. The impact of distorted online technology on democracy
    4. Although Wales was developed with the support of the EU, it was highly agreed that it should be withdrawn from the EU. A man said that was because of the immigrants. Even though a large number of immigrants don’t exist. A few days later, she found out through someone that SNS had a big impact. As a result of investigation, one company collect personal information through Facebook. By showing ads for each person and found out that the people of Wales had supported the withdrawal. This is an example of the destruction of democracy. Carole Cadwallardr insists that a fair vote is impossible again due to election fraud caused by distorted online technology.
    5. I am more convinced by Carole Cadwallardr’s argument. SNS is as influential as most people are. The visual image seen on SNS, which sees dozens of times a day, remains long in memory, and even if false information is provided to many people, many believe it to be true. If these false ads are given to people a few days before the big vote, the results can be reversed. I think the influence of SNS is that strong now.


  10. Alexander questioned about what Brixit really represent to the UK and the world. He mentioned that the voting patterns across the UK(as the evidence)shows the devision of two type of people. People who embrace globalization and people who fears on globalization.the Globalization was a key word on his talk.

    Carole, showed the evidence of that the amounts of money was founded to make people in the UK leave from EU through advertising on Facebook. Her main point was the election was taken as a crime on the internet and the result on referendum doesn’t show the truth of Weals.

    Carole’s talk was unbelievable but insane and brave. She talked about something I didn’t know.But I believe her talk because Facebook refused to show the archive and evidence in the parliament . I think that is the evidence .Her talk makes sense to me when I realized I somehow feel like we are controlled and the world is closing.


  11. ①We need a new vision of globalization whici brings all of the people to more Included nation.All of the people means that they have each two or more different idea.

    ②If the situation is kept, the gap of two inconceivably idea keep not resoluted.

    ③The initiative of people’s right in UK was threatened by new technology espacially SNS.It’s subversion.

    ④Facebook spread false news to the nation and did foully election.In Ebbw Vale, there’re only one foreigner.But people say it’s enough of immiglation. Facebook gave them false information about immiglation.

    ⑤I belive Alexander Betts.Globalization will become important and important all over the world.A stream of people and products,information will be more actively.And then it’s important to save profit of all of them.And every country need to solve the issue how to make them which is separated together.


  12. 1. What was Alexander Bett’s main point?
     We should make a vision of globalization immediately not to divide into one country or all over the world.
    2. What evidence did he give to support that point?
     He says the cause of the occurring division of the region or the world is globalization. It has two points.
     One point is the problem with immigration. The other is national sovereignty. He says how do dispose of these problems. The answer is to recognize about globalization. It has merit and demerit. The former is a good relationship and peace. The latter is the redistribution of wealth.
    3. What was Carole Cadwalladr’s main point?
     The impact of SNS is a very big problem that is threatened by people’s rights in the U.K.
    4. What evidence did she give to support that point?
     Facebook spread fake news all over the world. The recognition of immigration is the difference between the information given by SNS to not.
    5. Which talk do you believe more and why?
     I believe Alexander. Globalization is a big problem to resolve the division all over the world. But it has two aspects, merit or demerit. So it is very difficult how to dispose of the problem. I think the idea how to spread the recognize of globalization.


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