Agriculture and Marine Science Survey

Please answer a few questions. This will help me teach your class better.

Please read the CEFR-J information on this site. What do you think are your CEFR-J English levels for

  • Listening 聞くこと
  • Reading 読むこと
  • Spoken Production やりとり
  • Spoken Interaction 発表
  • Writing 書くこと

Also, please tell me a little about yourself and your English education. For example, have you taken the EIKEN, IELTS, or TOEIC test? Have you been abroad?

Agriculture and Marine Science Survey」への25件のフィードバック

  1. Listening A1-3
    Reading A1-2
    Spoken Production A1-2
    Spoken Interaction A1-3
    Writing A1-3

    I have EIKEN Grade 2.
    I went to America 2 years ago.(1weeks)


  2. listening Lv. A2.1.
    Reading Lv. A2.1.
    Spoken Production Lv. A2.2.
    Spoken Interaction Lv. A2.2.
    Writing Lv. A2.1.

    I taken “TOIEC IP” five months ago.
    This test in Kochi univ.
    And I taken EIKEN(level4) When I was elementary school student.

    I had been to GAM for 5days for siteseening and learning in high school event. I was very excited. Next I wanna visit to N.Y. because I participate in the Countdown beginning New year.


  3. listening A2.2
    reading A2.2
    Spoken Production A2.2
    Spoken Interaction A2.1
    Writing A2.1
    I have an English proficiency test level 2


  4. Nice to meet you.

    I think my CEFR English level is below.

    Spoken Production…A1.3
    Spoken Interaction…A1.2

    I have passed EIKEN Grade Pre-2.
    I have been to Singapore on a school trip.


    1. Listening A2.2
      Reading A2.1
      Spoken production A2.1
      Spoken interaction A2.1
      Writing A2.1

      I have EIKEN Grade 2.
      I have been to Incheon English Villege in Koria 5 years ago.


  5. Listening…A2.1
    Spoken production…A1.3
    Spoken interaction…A1.3

    I have been to Singapore on a school trip.


  6. Listening A2.1
    Reading B1.1
    Spoken production A1.2
    Spoken interaction A1.2
    Writing A2.1

    I have been to Australia for exchange student for 2weeks when I was junior high school student.


  7. Listening B1.2
    Reading A2.2
    Spoken production A2.2
    Spoken interaction B1.1
    Writing A2.1
    I have EIKEN(level3) when I was junior high school student.


  8. Listening 聞くこと A2.1
    Reading 読むこと A1.3
    Spoken Production やりとり A2.1
    Spoken Interaction 発表 A1.3
    Writing 書くことA1.3


  9. Listening: A2.2
    Reading: A2.2
    Spoken production: A1.3
    Spoken interaction: A1.2
    Writing: A1.3

    I went to Singapore two years ago.
    I have taken the TOEIC test two times.



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