Agriculture and Marine Science Survey

Please answer a few questions. This will help me teach your class better.

Please read the CEFR-J information on this site. What do you think are your CEFR-J English levels for

  • Listening 聞くこと
  • Reading 読むこと
  • Spoken Production やりとり
  • Spoken Interaction 発表
  • Writing 書くこと

Also, please tell me a little about yourself and your English education. For example, have you taken the EIKEN, IELTS, or TOEIC test? Have you been abroad?

25 thoughts on “Agriculture and Marine Science Survey

  1. Listening A1-3
    Reading A1-2
    Spoken Production A1-2
    Spoken Interaction A1-3
    Writing A1-3

    I have EIKEN Grade 2.
    I went to America 2 years ago.(1weeks)


  2. listening Lv. A2.1.
    Reading Lv. A2.1.
    Spoken Production Lv. A2.2.
    Spoken Interaction Lv. A2.2.
    Writing Lv. A2.1.

    I taken “TOIEC IP” five months ago.
    This test in Kochi univ.
    And I taken EIKEN(level4) When I was elementary school student.

    I had been to GAM for 5days for siteseening and learning in high school event. I was very excited. Next I wanna visit to N.Y. because I participate in the Countdown beginning New year.


  3. listening A2.2
    reading A2.2
    Spoken Production A2.2
    Spoken Interaction A2.1
    Writing A2.1
    I have an English proficiency test level 2


  4. Nice to meet you.

    I think my CEFR English level is below.

    Spoken Production…A1.3
    Spoken Interaction…A1.2

    I have passed EIKEN Grade Pre-2.
    I have been to Singapore on a school trip.


    1. Listening A2.2
      Reading A2.1
      Spoken production A2.1
      Spoken interaction A2.1
      Writing A2.1

      I have EIKEN Grade 2.
      I have been to Incheon English Villege in Koria 5 years ago.


  5. Listening…A2.1
    Spoken production…A1.3
    Spoken interaction…A1.3

    I have been to Singapore on a school trip.


  6. Listening A2.1
    Reading B1.1
    Spoken production A1.2
    Spoken interaction A1.2
    Writing A2.1

    I have been to Australia for exchange student for 2weeks when I was junior high school student.


  7. Listening B1.2
    Reading A2.2
    Spoken production A2.2
    Spoken interaction B1.1
    Writing A2.1
    I have EIKEN(level3) when I was junior high school student.


  8. Listening 聞くこと A2.1
    Reading 読むこと A1.3
    Spoken Production やりとり A2.1
    Spoken Interaction 発表 A1.3
    Writing 書くことA1.3


  9. Listening: A2.2
    Reading: A2.2
    Spoken production: A1.3
    Spoken interaction: A1.2
    Writing: A1.3

    I went to Singapore two years ago.
    I have taken the TOEIC test two times.


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