19.9.24: Populism

Populism is a kind political movement which usually draws a difference between the common man, or the common people, and a “political elite.” These elites do not necessarily exist. The theme of populism is that the common man does not have certain privileges the elites have, or that he cannot do certain things the elites can do. The populist see themselves on the side of the common people. They claim they want to help the common people get some of the rights and privileges of the elites. Donald Trump is often described as a Populist.

Homework (?). Watch this TED talk and in a reply below:

Why does Kabbaj claim Nationalism and Globalism coexist? What do you think about his argument? (Try for about 200 ~ 240 words )

2 thoughts on “19.9.24: Populism

  1. I think the nationalism and globalism exist because of each other. People find themselves nationalist when they see the deference in the world and realize that they love own country and culture. People realize globalization when they find similarity to other nations and also realize more who they are and where they come from.

    Nationalism and globalization become a discussion only when we start to compare ourselves to other countries. In this comparison, we think if we are nationalists or globalists or both.

    When I left Japan first time, that was my first time realizing how Japanese I was, how beautiful and unique my country was and how proud I was. It would have never occurred to me if I had stayed in Kochi all my life. After living overseas a few years, I started to think myself as globalist. Because I was adapting to other cultures and people. I was more connecting to different nationalities. I started to realize that despite all the differences, we are all human in the end.

    It is very clear to me that we all need certain feeling of belonging. Belonging to groups, cultures, people or country, It defines who we are. So nationalism is a quite healthy human need.

    Globalization gives more sense of bigger picture. Like he says, it also shows compassion towards different people or countries. It comes from feeling of being connected to people outside of own country. That brings compassion that lead to globalization.

    I think one can not be globalist when they have no identity. Also one can not be nationalist without knowing the fact that there are different people and countries existing in this world.


    1. I’m so glad that you got out of here and I’m so proud that I helped even a little bit in that. I’m also so glad you have returned. And as a completely transformed human!

      My brother, a Trump supporter, has never been more than a few hundred miles from home, and that, only very rarely. His world-view is so narrow. I don’t know which one caused the other, or if it’s a case of each reinforcing the other. But I find it almost impossible to have a conversation with him about anything other than the weather or sports. Sheesh.


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