Class Outline

Advanced Writing ( 英語テクスト構成研究上級)

Students will gain experience in, and develop necessary skills and strategies for writing in English for academic purposes (EAP). This course will focus on written communication in typical modes of discourse encountered in academic English environments.

  1. Pretest / Screening; Introduction to “Modes of Discourse”
  2. Description 1: Using sensory information to paint a picture. Assignment 1: Describe a favorite place.
  3. Description Essays Due. Read arounds.
  4. Exposition 1: Comparison Essay Assignment
  5. Comparison Essay Draft Conferences
  6. Comparison Essay Due. Read Arounds.
  7. Exposition 2: Cause and Effect Essay
  8. Cause and Effect Essay Draft Conferences
  9. Cause and Effect Essay Due (Group Read Aloud)
  10. Editorial Conferences 1 (12.11)
  11. Editorial Conferences 2 (12.18)
  12. Editorial Conferences 3 (12.25)
  13. Pro and Con Essay Assignment: Taking a Stand
  14. Pro and Con Essay Draft 1 Conferences
  15. Pro and Con Essay Draft 2
  16. Make Ups and Reflections


  • Descriptive Narrative: 10 pts
  • Comparison Essay: 20 pts
  • Cause and Effect Essay: 20 pts
  • Pro and Con Essay Draft 1: 10 pts
  • Pro and Con Essay Draft 2: 40 pts

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