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  1. Deadlock
    This is my first time to read books in foreign language. I was very tired because many people died in this book. Also this book was didficult for me to understand story. Main character V.I Warshaski is a detective. She is a woman character. In my image, the detectives are men, so I felt this book is something new and different from other mysteries.

    My level is upper intermediate.


  2. Beginner level
    I feel my lack of writing ability. I should write many time. But through writing activity of EPIC, I realize that it is necessary to keep write with great perseverance. Next, I’d like to use form that I learned.


  3. Wuthering Heights
    Level 5

    I have read this book when I was a high school student, but it was difficult for me to understand the story. However, I understood the story more than before and I enjoyed reading it this time.
    Although the story is difficult to understand, Wuthering Heights is said that it is one of the best love stories in the world. I found that I can find the core of the story if I deeply imagine the characters’ feelings and situations.

    My reading level is intermediate


  4. My reading level is upoer intermidate.
    I realized that my english skill is not enough and I did not know that my english level is there. While I am did this,I had to focus on grammer which I do not care when I am talking. This is very interesting and very helpful to review.


  5. Frankenstein
    level 3

    I knew “Frankensutein” before read this book, but I did not know this story. Original of this story is written by English, so I was thinking that I wanted to read it in English. It was not difficult book and I could enjoy it in English. My image of Frankenstein was just horror. However it was good and moving story.
    I like reading, so I could enjoy this activity. I found that reading English book is helpful for learning English.

    My reading level is Pre-intermediate


  6. Moondial
    Level 3

    This book was difficult for me to understand what was going on in the story, because the heroine, Minty could go back and forth between the present and past. However, I really enjoyed how Minty dealt with strange incidents she encountered .

    My reading level is intermediate.


  7. ・This Rough Magic Level5
    I really enjoy to read this book.
    I imagines this story is about something related to magic. Oppsosite to my guess, this book was mystery and romance. However it was great excithing story, and all of main character had something unique attractive points. Moreover the level suit me. I couldn’t understand some words. For example I couldn’t under stand “smuggling” but the word was appear many times. Finaly I notice the meaning without look into dictionaly.

    ・Lttle Women Level 3
    I read this story in Japanese when I was 6 or 7 years old. Moreover I even enjoyed this story as animation. I love this story, and I always feel empathy with Joe (she is one of the charactor in this book). She is active girl but also hard reader. I think she is simmiler to my childfood. Although I had read and know about this story, i enjoyed to read.It was not difficult for me to read. It may be not good to read as extensive reading. However I thought it was warthful for me to read.

    ・Dicline And Fall Level6
    This story was most funny one in three books l read. It was sometimes very ironic but the irony was hidden by too much humor. I didn’t know about the author Evelyn Waugh but after reading this book, I’m interested in his the others books. Although this book was relatively thicker than other books, I read this book fastest.This book tell me that even it happen something bad, we can enjoy that depends on own mind.There are some difficult words and sentence but these ware not bothering me too much because I was enthusiastic.

    My reading level is intermediate.


  8. Love story
    Level 3

    When I saw front cover of this book, I thought this story has happy ending because there are two young couples with a smile.
    Actually, the last was very sad but I thought love is strong and beautiful from the word “Love means you never have to say you’re sorry.”
    There were some words which I don’t know, but the story is not difficult to understand.

    My reading level is intermediate.


  9. Skyjack, stage3.
    I faced the words I didn’t know sometime. but it was easy for me to understand grammar. So I could guess the meaning of words and that let me be able to understand this story.I had finished to read this book so fast because it was so interesting.

    My reading level is at elementary school level.


    Level 6

    This book is based on a true story what is about apartheid in South Africa. It was difficult to understand clearly, for this story was included very complicated things. But I could have the problem consciousness more about discrimination related to the color of skin by this book.

    I am at an intermediate level.


  11. Pre-intermediate level.

    I do not have enough vocabulary and reading ability, so it was difficult for me that not only reading but also writing. Extensive reading is necessary for me to improve my skills.


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