Refugees in Japan

There are refugees from Asia, Middle East, Africa and many other countries globally who seek refuge in Japan. In many cases, they did not specifically choose Japan and they come here, out of the limited number of countries they can go, by chance as their Japan visa got approved. For those refugees fleeing from their country of origin in fear of persecution, it is a major challenge for them to obtain a legitimate passport and in some instances, they had to pay brokers in order to obtain a “fake passport” and leave the country.

–The Japan Association of Refugees

Please visit the website of The Japan Association for Refugees Try to find the answers to these simple questions. You may need to search the Japanese version of the site as well.

  • How many refugees did Japan accept in 2018?
  • Why does Japan accept only a few refugees?
  • Is this changing? How?
  • Do you think the changes are enough?
  • Do you think volunteering with a refugee support organization would be interesting? Why or why not?

For more information: Statistics on Refugees & Asylum Seekers





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