Model Paragraph Answer

A paragraph is a collection of sentences with a clear structure. It begins with a ‘topic sentence’ which controls the whole paragraph. This first sentence is then followed by a series of ‘supporting sentences’ that explain or give examples for the topic sentence. The final sentence, the ‘concluding sentence’ signals to the reader that the writer has finished his or her thoughts.

In the last class, you answered a series of questions about the article, title:

  • What is the subject of this article?
  • What does it say about the subject?
  • What are the supporting details?
  • What is the final point of the article?
  • Why, and to whom, is it important?
  • What question do you have about this topic?

Here are some of the answers the class came up with:

  • The subject of this article was the effect of Brexit on financial markets.
  • The article says that there is too much changing information for the computer algorithms to deal with.
  • The supporting details are that there are very many people who have authority so the situation is constantly changing. As a result, news organizations are publishing a very large number of articles a day about Brexit.
  • The final point was that computers may never understand humans because they are logical and humans are sometimes emotional.
  • One question I have about this topic is why people in the countryside voted to leave the EU while people in the cities voted to stay.

There are 111 words in this series of sentences. Please rewrite these into a shorter single paragraph. Be sure to include all the information in the example, and do not add any additional information.

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