Situation, Problem, Solution, How-To, Evaluation

Challenge: Give a presentation, in front of the class, with no notes.

First, introduce a situation ( the general topic). Next, explain a common problem in that situation and describe a solution to that problem. After that, give step-by step instructions about how to solve the problem. Finally, give your evaluation of the solution. Here’s my sample presentation; The Dovetail Joint 


  • Workshop 7.11
  • “Dress Rehearsal” 7.18
  • Graded Presentation 7.25
  • Make ups, final reflections 8.1

Structure / Content

General situation clearly stated (introduction to the problem)


Problem clearly stated


Solution clearly stated


Instruction (How To)  steps clear and logical


Evaluation clearly stated


Connections between parts clearly made



High contrast, text/background


Small word count



Talking not reading


Volume good


Looking at audience


Natural stance & gesture




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