Pro / Con Intro

There are two sides to a debate:


“I am in favor of increasing the speed limits in Japan. We can drive faster and still be safe.”


“I am against increasing the speed limits in Japan. There are too many accidents now!”

The Pro side:

The people who like the idea are in favor of the idea.

The people who like the idea are for the idea


The Con side:

The people who don’t like the idea are opposed to the idea.

The people who don’t like the idea are against the idea.


Pro and Con Language

Someone makes a proposal, e.g. “Let’s build a new apartment building there.”


Someone makes a suggestion, e.g. “What if we made the driving age 25?”


Someone has an idea, e.g. “It would be good if Japan stopped using gasoline.”


Vocabulary and Patterns

Wind Farms: pro and con conversation


Pro Con
Wind farms are good because they don’t pollute the atmosphere.


Well, they don’t pollute the air, but they do change the landscape.

<counter argument>

That’s visual pollution!

Wind farms are not such a good idea. They can’t produce enough power for cities.


Wind power systems nowadays don’t produce enough power, but the technology is improving. In Denmark in 2017, wind power produced 44% of the county’s power.1

<counter argument>

Wind farms harm nature. In the US, wind farms kill between 20,000 and 573,000 birds per year.2


That’s too bad, I agree. But it’s not a big problem like global warming.

<counter argument>

I hope we can find a way to protect birds.

Writing Pro and Con Arguments

Proposal: “Broadcast radio should be eliminated.”

Here are some arguments for and against the proposal. Which are strong and which are weak?

Pro Con
  • Television is more interesting than radio.
  • Not many people listen to radio any more.
  • Internet radio would be good enough.
  • People could switch to iPhones.
  • Radios distract people while driving.
  • People might like some quiet time.
  • Radio is good for people who are busy.
  • Radio is useful in emergencies like earthquakes.
  • Radio companies would go out of business.
  • A lot of people would lose their jobs.
  • Someday, TV might be replaced by the internet and people might want radio.

You try: Make Pro and Con arguments

Proposal: “People should travel abroad rather than domestically. “


Pro Con


Proposal: “You should leave your boyfriend or girlfriend if they cheat even once.“


Pro Con


Proposal: “Every young person should serve in the military for two years.“


Pro Con


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