Peer Editing Exercise

Helping each other to make your papers better.

What to do:

  • Step one: Read your paper aloud and let your partner listen. Partner takes notes.
  • Step two: Your partner reads your paper aloud and you listen. You take notes.
  • Step three: Discus your notes with each other.
  • Step four: Switch and repeat first three steps.

What to look / listen for:

  • Structure (i.e. all parts of “the hamburger” in the right places.)
  • Subject /verb agreement (“The children is are happy.”)
  • Fragments (“The train was late. Because of typhoon.” “The train was late because of the typhoon.”)
  • General spelling errors (watch out for l/r and “there/their” errors.)


…The most common problem category was sentence development, and other high-frequency categories, in descending order of occurrence, included subject-verb and number agreement, paragraph development, use of articles, and verbs…

English Writing Errors of Japanese Students as Reported by University Professors

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