Short Answer Test

Can you write a single-paragraph that answers a question clearly?

Paragraph Review

  1. Topic Sentence (Subject + Claim )
  2. Supporting Sentences
  3. Concluding Sentence (Restate main idea, or give opinion, suggestion, prediction)

Question: Was it good to build KUT in Tosa-Yamada?

It was good to build KUT in Tosa-Yamada for several reasons. First, the location is very safe from Tsunami damage. It is said that Tosa-Yamada is as high as the top of Kochi Castle. When the Nankai Earthquake happens, the students and staff of KUT will be very safe. Secondly, the area chosen is beautiful. The cherry blossoms at KUT are famous and attract many visitors each Spring. Finally, building KUT has been very good for the local economy as many students live in Tosa-Yamada and do most of their shopping there. For these reasons, is clear that building KUT in Tosa-Yamada was good for both the university and the town.


Watch this TED debate about Nuclear Energy.

Question: Does the world need nuclear energy?


Watch the video, take notes, and then write your answer in one well-structured paragraph. Make sure to include specific reasons, details, and examples from this talk.