Intermediate Writing Check for Understanding #1

No grade! Just a check for me!

In the reply  below, answer these two questions:

1) Which is the best “Topic Sentence”? Why?

  1. Cats are usually smaller than dogs.
  2. Cats make better pets than dogs.
  3. Cats and dogs are common pets.

2) Write a topic sentence for this paragraph

________________________________. First, a bicycle doesn’t create pollution every time you go somewhere. In contrast, cars create pollution even when idling. Also, riding a bicycle is an easy and fun way to get a bit of exercise, whereas in a car, you’re just sitting there. It’s true that cars are more comfortable in the rain, but usually you can park closer to where you are going if you are riding a bicycle. The real problem with bicycles is all the car drivers who don’t see bicycles. However, if everyone rode a bicycle, then this would not be a problem at all!

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