Titles vs. Topic Sentences

A topic sentence must have a topic + a claim about the topic. This almost always means a SUBJECT (noun or noun phrase) plus a VERB (or verb phrase). If it lacks a verb or verb phrase, it might be a good title, but certainly will not be a good topic sentence, or even a full sentence! (Remember S + V?)

Good Title: The reason cats love to eat melon. (Only a subject– a noun phrase)

Not a topic sentence because:

  • there no verb to make a complete sentence
  • it makes no claim.

Good Topic Sentence: The reason cats love to eat melon  may surprise you.  (Subject — noun phrase– plus a verbal phrase)

Which one is a better title and which a better topic sentence?

  1. The most delicious sushi in Kochi.
  2. Kochi offers some of the freshest and cheapest sushi in Japan.


  1. Typhoons can cause terrible damage.
  2. The terrible damage of typhoons.


  1. How I met your mother.
  2. I can never forget meeting your mother.


  1. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  2. Why fools and money don’t mix.


  1. Happiness is overrated.
  2. The proper way to think about happiness.


Create a title and topic sentence for each of the following supporting sentences. Enter your answers in the reply below (individual).


(Topic Sentence:)

First, look in a guidebook or search the internet and find a hot spring that looks good. Next, call a friend and invite him or her to go with you . After that, call the hot spring for a reservation or make one online. The night before you leave, prepare a towel, some soap, some shampoo and a hairbrush. Finally, pack up your car, check your gas, pick up your friend and head for the hot spring. Drive carefully!


(Topic Sentence:)

It is without a doubt one of the easiest foods to eat. You don’t need any special utensils, and it does not have to be served piping hot like some foods do. In addition, with only 20 calories per cup and almost no fat, it is both a filling a heart-friendly snack. Furthermore, it can be an important source of fiber, a substance that has been shown to be important in limiting certain types of cancer. Based on this information, can anyone be surprised that sales of popcorn are soaring in many countries?

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