Course Outline

Senmon English II (専門英語II)

Students will gain experience in, and develop skills and strategies for, presenting in English in various situations and formats. We will start with practicing telling an interesting personal story in an informal setting, and move to more formal presentations.

Schedule (subject to change)

  1. 10.08 Introduction to the course; Partner Introductions, Written Assessment
  2. 10.15 Lecture: Narrative Structure and Conflict. Introduction to Sequence Signals & Mapping
  3. 10.29 Storytelling, Assignment #1: Personal stories–finding meaning in memories.
  4. 11.5 Graded & Recorded Presentation #1: Tell an Anecdote (20 pts)
  5. 11.12 Anecdote Presentations, Day 2
  6. 11.19 Poster Presentation Assignment #2: Hometown Wonder
  7. Graded & Recorded Presentation #2: Hometown Wonder (30 pts)
  8. Hometown Wonder Presentations, Day 2
  9. Introduction to Situation, Problem, Solution & Evaluation (SPSE) Formal Structure
  10. Sample Presentation: The How and Whys of Dovetailing
  11. Final Presentation Topic Conferencing
  12. Lecture: Graphic Design for Formal Presentation; Workshop & Conferencing
  13. Workshop & Conferencing
  14. Graded & Recorded Presentation #3.1 : SPSE/How To  (50 pts)
  15. Graded & Recorded Presentation #3.2
  16. Make ups; Post test; Self Evaluation and Reflection


  • Storytelling Presentation (Anecdote): 20 pts
  • Poster Presentation (Hometown Wonder): 30 pts
  • Formal Presentation (SPSE): 50 pts

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