Original Crime Scene

Create a “crime scene” like the one in the textbook (pg. 28).

  1. First, make an original story. This is a secret!
    1. What kind of crime?
      1. Against Person / People
        1. Murder
        2. Assault (& robbery)
        3. Kidnap
      2. Against Things
        1. Robbery
        2. Vandalism
  2. Next, draw a crime scene picture (what the police found).
  3. Finally, write a list of the evidence. (Don’t make it too easy!)

Due end of next class, Friday.

Next  Tuesday you will take another group’s crime scene report and try to “solve” it based on the evidence in the report.

  • Tell what you think probably happened. Was it a crime or an accident? Why? What evidence makes you think so?
  • Find out if  you were correct or not.



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