Problem, Solution, & How To-Presentation

Almost every thing that humans “know how to do” involves solving a  certain problem(s). For example, tying your shoes solves the problem of keeping your shoes on your feet when you walk or run. It’s a simple and beautiful solution to common (and important!) problem. Somebody clever had to figure it out first.

You know how to do many things, from simple things like tying your shoes, to very difficult things like designing buildings or writing computer programs. The challenge: can you explain how to do something in English?

In your “How To” presentation, include the following sections:
  • An Introduction to a General Situation
  • An Explanation of a Specific Problem
  • A Solution to the Problem
    • How to do the Solution, in steps
  • Concluding Evaluative Remarks

Here’s my Sample Presentation about cutting “dovetail joints.”

Important Points:
  1. No long sentences on slides.
  2. Keep graphics simple & easy to understand.
  3. Simplified steps okay.
  4. No reading sentences!

Presentation Rehearsal Day: 6/17 & 6/24

Presentations: 7/1 & 7/8 7/8 & 7/15


Print this rubric


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