Charles on the Roof Presentation Notes

For this presentation, you must save Charles (“Thinking in English” pg 18). Create three different plans:

  1. Quick: the fastest way to get him down.
  2. Save: the safest way to get him down.
  3. Crazy: the most creative way to get him down.

Each of these plans must be written in the form of a sequence information map (TIE pg. 5), should be at least 6 steps (boxes) and contain at least one conditional step. The more logical and clear your plan is, the higher the grade you will get.

For example: [tie rope to Charles] -> [pull rope]

This is not a good plan (bad idea! + too vague) and will not received a good grade.

Thinking: 15pts

Plan 1 Logic + Details /5
Plan 2 Logic +Details /5
Plan 3 Logic +Details /5
Total /15

Presentation Style: 5pts

You should read your maps in natural English, making sure to combine sentences (TIE pg. 16)  and use the sequence/ condition signal words (TIE pg. 3)

Do Not Write Sentences. Do Not Read Sentences.


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