TWP: Topic Sentence Challenge

Can you write a paragraph with a good topic sentence? Let’s find out!

First, a word about Titles vs. Topic Sentences

A topic sentence has SUBJECT and a CLAIM about that subject. For example, “My cat is wonderful for several reasons”  is a good topic sentence.

However, “The reason I love my cat” is NOT a topic sentence.

Why not? “The Reason I Love My Cat” is not a sentence (S+V), it is a noun phrase. Noun phrases make good titles, but they are not complete sentences.

Challenge: Write a paragraph with a good topic sentence

Step 1: Read the following titles:

  • The best day of my life.
  • A place I would like to visit one day.
  • How tablet computers are changing our society.
  • Benefits of studying English.
  • Why I like a particular type of movie.
  • A person who changed my life.

Step 2: Choose one and brainstorm ideas on a piece of paper. Write at least seven ideas.

Step 3: Write a topic sentence (with a controlling idea) for that topic.

Step 4: Use your brainstorming notes and topic sentence to write a paragraph. Make sure your topic sentence guides the whole paragraph.


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