Assignments for Day 1, April 8, 2016
Today you have three assignments:

  1. Read the CEFR-J1.1Jap or CEFR-J1.0Eng (English version) and do a self-assessment. What do you think your English levels are for Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken Production, and Writing?
  2. Send a “Selfie” Introduction to davey.leslie@gmail.com. In the subject, put “TWP”.  In the body of your mail, please tell me about you: where you are from, what you are studying, what your English level is (CEFR-J, TOEIC, EIKEN, etc.) and what you hope to learn in this class.
  3. Interview (in English!) another student to find out basic information about him or her.  Next, make a map (no sentences) of another student. Then, next week you will use your maps to introduce the other student to the class. (You may not read sentences, but you may look at your map to help you remember.)