Notes in the Key of D

The way the hippies like to play it

WGBH Music: The Teetotallers

What a lineup & so beautifully captured:

The Bloomers

Was trying to remember “The Earl’s Chair” and found these young fuzzworts. Pretty cool:

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Man, I love this band in all its various configurations. Wish I could download their stuff in Japan, but youtube to the rescue:

Seeing Beauty

For most of us, after we become aware of peers, around the time we enter formal education,  the pictures we draw change. Where once we might have drawn a fantastically detailed and impossibly colored bird of our own imagination, we are reduced to drawing a stylized series of v’s, or however they are drawn by our peers. It’s almost universal, and…

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The Máirtín O’Connor Band plays the Inagh Valley set

From the acclaimed CD ‘The Road West’, here’s The Máirtín O’Connor Band with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Inagh Valley’ and the jig ‘Rockin’ The Boat’. Absolutely brilliant musicianship from three of Ireland’s foremost traditional musicians – Máirtín O’Connor on button accordion, Cathal Hayden on fiddle and Séamie O’Dowd on guitar. As played during a concert at…

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A Fall Front Lid Installed

Finally! It’s been slow going, but step by step has gotten me here. I don’t want (or need) to dwell on the number of weekends that have gone by since I started this build, but I am starting to imagine getting this pair of desks out the door. Be a bit lonely, I fear. The…

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